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Belgium BELGIUM 2023 - Gustaph - Because of You

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ESC United Mod Team

Super Moderator
February 10, 2021

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January 21, 2019
Tumblr, mostly.
death slot doesn't matter in a comp with only 7 people lol.

Axel Hirsoux actually is rooting for Chérine... I just saw a comment by him under a post regarding Eurosong
Axel and Chérine met when they were both on The Voice France, so this isn't surprising.
(Axel didn't reach the live shows)


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February 11, 2019
Emotion Ollie and T'inquiète are both bad and horribly unsuited for Eurovision.
When I heard the snippet of T'inquiete, I thought it'd be right up my alley. I was wrong. It's a bag of crap!

Team Chérine or bust! This would see Belgium's best televote result since Blanche, and Flanders' best televote since... (unable to stop laughing.)

Ajeje Brazorf

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October 6, 2021
Not sure if Cherine would do better in Liverpool

I think she'll get a better ranking in semi-final since it's 100% televote

But if Gala qualifies to final I feel like it has big jury appeal and can do better in final

Chérine is the safest if we want a 100% qualifier song tho yeah

Gala won't really go anywhere with T'inquiete in Eurovision, though... As I said she is really talented, but you can't go Eilish when you are not yet Victoria. She has to find her way to be more herself on that stage... T'inquiete is the more risky pick, I agree. Ca m'ennuie pas is the safest. But the safest is not always the worst between the two... It's the first time I agree with the "Slay qween" lads which populate Social Media and say Chérine will be not only the safest, but the BEST option they have.

J'aime la vie is the safest entry ever send by Belgium in Eurovision, yet it won.
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October 1, 2009
I was team Gala when hearing the clips, but after hearing the full versions, I think I prefer Cherine a bit. Galas song is good, but feels a bit too complicated to work in Eurovision. Cherines song is so simple, easy to remember and even sing a long (at least hum too if you aren't used to french language). I think Chérine got this in the bag and an another place in the final for certain for Belgium! :D
March 9, 2015
Jumping across mountains to be embraced by the sky

Ça m'ennuie pas performed by Chérine
Mon étoile performed by Chérine
Oceanside performed by The Starlings
Rollercoaster performed by The Starlings

Home performed by Hunter Falls

The Nail performed by Gustaph
You Lift Me Up performed by Loredana
Ooh La La performed by Hunter Falls
Because of You performed by Gustaph
The Carnival performed by Ameerah
Armageddon performed by Ameerah
Dream In Colour performed by Loredana
T'inquiète perfofmed by Gala Dragot
Emotion Ollie performed by Gala Dragot


June 16, 2018
:be: Eurosong 2023 rankings

1. The Starlings - Rollercoaster
2. Gala Dragot - T'inquiète
3. Ameerah - The Carnival
4. Chérine - Ça m'ennuie pas
5. Hunter Falls - Ooh La La
6. Gustaph - Because of You
7. Loredana - You Lift Me Up

The two best songs for me in this selection were Oceanside and Emotion Ollie but alas they weren't chosen. I expect the results to be close.


Well-known member
April 1, 2021
Guess I‘ll drop my final Rating before the show here as well

7. Gustaphe - pleasant, but also so, sooo dated.
6. Loredana - also a bit dated, but what‘s worse for me is that in my opinion the coloring of her voice doesn’t quite fit the instrumental, can’t exactly place why.
5. Chérine - sorry, I get why people like it but I just can‘t share that sentiment. And I fear she‘s one of those bubble faves that would tank.
4. Hunter Falls - pleasant but irrelevant, however I like it the best out of the four I have mentioned so far.
3. The Starlings - equally irrelevant as Ooh La La, but all the more pleasant (to me).
2. Ameerah - The Carnival has something enchanting about it that I can’t quite place, though I fear it might not be enough to stand out.
1. Gala - Guys, I get it, it‘s very hit or miss, and it’s a miss for many, but an absolute hit for me, and I don’t think I am the only one, so it could actually work for Eurovision as well. No guarantee, of course. Could go France 2022 or Albania 2012, but in my opinion, it’s worth taking the risk.


Well-known member
February 19, 2017
My ranking:
1. Gala Dragot - T'inquiète 7/10
2. Chérine – Ça m’ennuie pas 6/10
3. The Starlings - Rollercoaster 6/10
4. Loredana - You Lift Me Up 5/10
5. Ameerah - The Carnival 5/10
6. Hunter Falls - Ooh La La 5/10
7. Gustaph - Because of You 4/10

Congrats, Belgium! No matter what you chose tonight, it's a huge progress comparing to last year! Well, in the final 7, there is no really bad song and no really good one imo. T'inquiète is growing on me, at first it was the most boring song for me, but now I find it interesting, tho first half of this song is worse than the latter one.
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