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A weak eurovision?

Was it a weak eurovision?

  • Yes, it was a very weak eurovision

    22 19.3%
  • It was quite a weak eurovision

    20 17.5%
  • It was a normal eurovision

    26 22.8%
  • It was a strong eurovision

    46 40.4%

  • Total voters


New member
May 29, 2011
I disagree with just 2 positions: Austria (wtf) and Georgia (imo, they had to win or finish in the top-3).

I said that it's weak even before ESC, not like some people who whine after their faves failed.
As for hosting... the 1st semi was a disaster but the final was the best ever, esp the trick with the green room :D
Agree. It was totally awesome that the wall splitted and so the green room and the visitors where in the same hall.

I think it was a strong Eurovision. In fact, the best I can remember.

- I liked that it was impossible to pick a clear favourite.
- The stage was incredible (!!!).
- The hosts were actually funny, instead of trying to be funny.
- I thought the standard of the songs was slightly better than usual.
Totally agree.
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