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2023 vs 2022


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March 8, 2020
2022: :no: :mt: :rs: :pt: :ie: :ch: :md: :se: :nl: :ro: :ee: :cy: :is: :gr: :pl: :ge: :sm: :fr: :it: :es: :ua: - 21
2023: :lv: :hr: :il: :az: :cz: :fi: :dk: :am: :be: :sl: :at: :al: :lt: :au: :de: :uk: - 16

Norway, Portugal and Italy are basically coinflips since I like both years a lot.
And as for Malta, Ireland, Romania, Albania, and Germany, they are coinflips for the opposite reason. So 18-11 in favor of '22 if we ignore those.
Expected results. I do think this is a below average year. Austria is the only entry I care about even the slightest for in SF2 and I don't remember if I've ever cared that little about any semi in the past, though in SF1 there's almost 10 I really want in the final.


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May 18, 2012
Concentrating on what might be bigger differences at first

There were some definite downgrades for me

Norway was popular in 23 but way more distinctive in 22 for me. 21 was more memorable as well.
Greece has been quite good recently but this year didn't work in any way. They went the Western pop route still but this time with a wholly Greek singer.
Iceland the last couple of years good, but this year the song really wasn't worth much even if the vocal was decent.
Netherlands came good last year, but not this year bringing something that looked backwards.
Azerbaijan wasn't bad this year but I feel 22 will be remembered much more
Cyprus wasn't bad this year, but felt much fresher in 22
[Montenegro was missed after Vladana]

Finland better song though 23 fun
CZ both good but I think 22 will last more
Spain more immediate though not a favourite, the 23 one is growing on me
Armenia was good but perhaps 23 was more memorable
Ireland better in 21 but neither that good
San Marino got worse, but neither that good
Israel more popular in 23 but probably slightly worse
Estonia was more fun in 22, thought I respect 23
Ukraine better but not a favourite of mine
Sweden better but I didn't love it
Serbia better, though both decent
Albania more distinctive but still patchy for me
Swiss this year I guess, but don't like either
Denmark this year but not a fan really
UK - Ryder can sing though song overrated
France - I suppose it's ok
Italy, overrated, but more interesting than 23
Croatia obviously
Lithuania classy song holds together better


Latvia was a pretty big improvement I feel, couldn't stand the 22 song.
Germany was better no doubt
Malta was better
Poland - I always felt River was overrated (though great part near the end before final chorus), but 23 was fun I guess
Austria more interesting song

I don't think Georgia was bad in 22 but it was spectacular in 23
Australia better but neither song likely that good
Slovenia better maybe, the performance helps
Romania better but not a favourite still
Belgium better but still not something that will last
Moldova better but not really caring about either
Portugal had more character to it at least

2022 - 25
2023 - 12

Even if you disagree with songs like PL or CZ it still looks a landslide. I might change minds on Spain, hard to say, such different styles.

2021 - 21
2022 - 15

So it's a downward direction since the pandemic, 2021 I suppose had more for the returning acts to get a good song together.
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April 20, 2015
A Bridge Too Far
Albania: 2023 as Sekret never reached its final form while Duje sort of did.
Armenia: 2023 as Snap is a crime against humanity.
Australia: 2023 as Sheldon was just over the top melodrama.
Austria: 2023 just is a more complete song.
Azerbaijan: 2022 although Fade to Black was a bit wank too.
Belgium: 2023 as 2022 was a big pile of nothing.
Croatia: 2023 as Guilty Pleasure was a trainwreck.
Cyprus: 2022 because this year was cookie cutter vomit.
Czechia: 2023 was one of my faves so yeah.
Denmark: 2022 because they at least could sing.
Estonia: 2023 is boring, but it least it is musical.
Finland: 2023 as Rasmus washed up while Kaarija super fresh.
France: 2023 as it just didn't fail completely while 2022 did.
Georgia: 2023 as Circus Mircus just tried to be a weird Blur which didn't work.
Germany: 2023 because they at least tried to be competitive.
Greece: 2022 because I remember that song while I only remember cringe this year.
Iceland: 2022 as they weren't rolling on the floor screaming.
Ireland: 2022 easily beats the harakiri that they had this year.
Israel: 2023 wasn't half as annoying.
Italy: 2023 as it was actually good whereas Brividi was irritating.
Latvia: 2023 as it didn't involve preaching.
Lithuania: 2022 as you can't beat that mood.
Malta: 2023 I liked just a bit better, both are meh.
Moldova: 2022 as it was the right kind of mess.
Netherlands: 2022 as I believed the emotions of S10 were heartfelt.
Norway: 2023 as Alessandra wasn't childish nonsense.
Poland: 2022 but it feels like cheating on Bejba.
Portugal: 2022 turned out magical and while I liked Mimicat it doesn't compare.
Romania: 2023 as RIP.
San Marino: 2022 was robbed.
Serbia: 2023 as I never got Konstrakta at all.
Slovenia: 2023 as we got the professional version of the 2022 entry.
Spain: 2023 as Eaea is art, but this is my fave of 2022 losing to my fave of 2023.
Sweden: 2022 because it wasn't a woman shouting at me for 3 minutes.
Switzerland: 2023 I just felt like punching the guy instead of total obliteration.
Ukraine: 2022 as Tvorchi couldn't replicate that special feeling, not their fault.
UK: 2022 as Spaceman had it, and Mae did not.

So 2023 wins 22 - 15.

This makes sense to me. I felt 2023 wasn't really stronger but it had less drivel and less stuff I absolutely loved.


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March 4, 2018
2022. :al::az::hr::dk::fr::gr::it::lt::nl::pl::ro::es::se::ua::uk::
2023: :at::am::au::at::be::cy::cz::ee::fi::ge::de::is::il::lv::mt::md::no::pt::sm::rs::sl::ch:



February 1, 2014
2022: :am: :fi: :se: :nl: :sm: :lt: :is: :hr: :ee: :ro: :cy: :il: :mt:
2023: :al: :be: :at: :fr: :de: :dk: :pl: :it :ua: :pt: :md: :lv: :sl: :au: :rs: :cz: :az: :ie: :ge: :es:

liked both equally: :no: :ch: :uk:
disliked both equally: :gr:

2022: 13
2023: 20

A clear improvement for me, especially because some of the songs who lost to 2022 are quite high in my ranking like :fi: :se: (both near the top 10) or :cy: (also Top 15) and the 3 songs that tied are all in my Top 10 this year.
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