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  1. Alaska49

    Alaska49 Ranks His 100 Favourite National Final Losers!

    (Look, I can use capitalization! It's a formal occasion, after all.) WE SURVIVED. After three slutty, slutty months, our continental nightmare is over and the national final season has come to an end. Many victories were enjoyed, many heartbreaks were cried over, many moments of gay-on-gay...
  2. Alaska49

    Would a superfinal in Eurovision work?

    i don't really have an opinion on this one way or another yet, but i just started thinking about it and since it sounds like it would be a spicy subject i am going to make a thread all about it. OFF-SEASON PRIORITIES. so, superfinals. so exciting when NFs have them, right? should eurovision...
  3. Alaska49


    i mean don't get me wrong this is still mostly going to be a hate thread, but... tamara, you guys. tamara. what. <3
  4. Alaska49


    not the yearly discussion thread, because this year i don't think there will be much discussion at all, will it? FIRE AWAY. i don't even have anything to say right now, and i am me.
  5. Alaska49

    KATE RYAN 2018

    in which we root for fan favourites we hate to fail try to predict which entry doesn't survive outside of the bubble. i want it to be ::cz soooooooo bad lmao (but i think it might be ::at or... like, insert anyone from semi 2?)
  6. Alaska49

    EUROVISION 2018 FAVORITE NF LOSERS: let's not speak ill of the dead

    with lithuania's national 87 years long nightmare over and ieva's ode to fursonas "when we're owled" crowned, the NF season has ended. it was a pretty great year for NFs, so i want to know your favorites and obnxiously inform you of mine. 1- ::ro - FELI - BUNĂ DE IUBIT (ROYALTY) obviously...
  7. Alaska49

    Favourite NF losers of 2017

    it's been 10 days since the final, which is like 90 years. it's time for everyone to post their favourite songs from the eurovision season that didn't make it to kyiv! these have been my favourite four recently: 4- ::ua tayanna - i love you. back during the NF she was only ahead of melovin for...
  8. Alaska49

    That One Thread About Juries We Have Every Year

    so, juries. for the first time ever i felt they were... kind of useless? and this time, not for wholly disagreeing with the televote. quite the contrary, actually. they didn't do anything other than put australia in the top 10. portugal won in a blowout, italy wasn't close to winning, etc. the...
  9. Alaska49

    If all countries scored from last to first place (2016 grand final results)

    there has been more discussion about the new voting system these last couple of days and i posted that i thought it was probably the fairest system they could achieve. but a lot of people seem to think it's not very fair still (shoutout to russia!), while others care more about how the countries...
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