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  1. Hungary HUNGARY 2022 - not taking part

    Tbh I also doubt the dates, because most European football cup finals are on the mentioned date for GF
  2. Albania ALBANIA 2022

    Oh yes <3 Loving this one... eventually planning to go to Tirana for FiK this year, so also curious about the dates
  3. Belgium BELGIUM 2022 - Jérémie Makiese

    I somehow like his voice, hopefully won´t be disappointed by the song
  4. Spain SPAIN 2022

    Would get my vote for sure :-)
  5. Slovakia SLOVAKIA 2022 - not taking part

    So the first ... - Not taking part of the year. Expected but still sad
  6. Serbia SERBIA 2022

    Loving those sounds, would get my vote for sure (As Hurricane among others did in the Grand Final)
  7. Malta MALTA 2022

    And endless commercials of Mediterranean Bank :-)
  8. United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2022

    Plot-twist: Jessie J going to Eurovision, but participating for San Marino feat. Pitbull
  9. Albania ALBANIA 2022

    Same :-) 2-3 hyped songs in advance, then a random winner which is forgotten/at the bottom of the odds until the rehearsals start, followed by a good performance and a top 15-20 result. Loving Albania for this.
  10. Speculate: Trends of 2022

    A Rock band representing Germany would be insane <3
  11. How many finalists should 2022 have?

    25 finalists for me, it´s only one country less than in other years and the other solutions all would make it more complicated
  12. Czech Republic CZECH REPUBLIC 2022

    Indeed,still listening to their NF entry a lot
  13. Speculate: Trends of 2022

    Maybe a bit similar 2007, when the amount of Rock entries also increased because of Lordi´s victory the year before... would like this tbh
  14. Italy ITALY 2021 - Måneskin - Zitti e buoni

    So happy about Maneskin being announced to play at my favorite festival last week :-) Can´t wait to see them there in June 2022
  15. Germany GERMANY 2022

    I saw a report about "Her Tree" in a news programme yesterday and instantly fell in love with her music... with the right performance (ok, Germany and right performance wasn´t the perfect match in the past) this could work very well at Eurovision
  16. Greece GREECE 2022

    This would get my votes for sure <3
  17. Estonia ESTONIA 2021 - Uku Suviste - The Lucky One

    Same for me... e.g. Eesti Laul 2011 still is one of my favorite NF ever
  18. Slovenia SLOVENIA 2022

    Tbh howerver never thought about this, but you may be right. He seems to be a very introvert person, so indeed something like "Beautiful Mess" might suite him.
  19. Slovenia SLOVENIA 2022

    ... what I understand, they could have invited him to perform at our pre-show at least. Nevertheless I am still in doubt, if Ben Dolic has a real "stage prescence". I loved his song last year (it was in my top 5), but his performances at our Pre-Show in 2020 (Which I wouldn´t rate too high...
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