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  1. MalagaToledo

    XXXII Olympiad Tokyo 2020

    2020 is the year of Summer Olympics which will be held in :jp: Tokyo from 24 July to 9th of August. Let's discus abt everything regarding 2020 OLY. The results, records, medals, OLY village, athletes, scandals, opening and closing ceremonies, sports, epic moments etc.. We don't have opportunity...
  2. MalagaToledo

    Humans and strange things around us

    I wanted to discuss about flights. But I don't want to limit this topic. I want to talk abt injustices, some weird things life put on us.. Flights. Hundreds of buttons in cockpit. 2 copilots. Thank god its more than 1 pilot. God forbid he faints, I can't even imagine that scenario. Even with the...
  3. MalagaToledo

    Turkvision Song Contest 2019

    Omg, I don't know where to put this topic but we have another song contest this year and it is called turkvision song contest. it will be held in Ankara in December 2019. Most countries already have chosen their reps. One of them will be familiar face to eurovision eneda tarifa who will...
  4. MalagaToledo

    Esc sexiest

    OK. The title says it all. It's the same topic as sports athletes, only with esc singers. U name an artist, their country and upload their photo. (someone has to teach me how to upload a photo without text link). So his name is Mahmood. :it:
  5. MalagaToledo

    World's sexiest sportsmen & sportswomen

    The title says it all. Name an athlete, his/her sport, country and post a pic of that athlete. Now, I don't know how I can directly upload pic here without putting link, I tried but it didn't work, so for now I will just link u. U can post more than one athlete. He/she doesn't have to be sexy...
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