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  1. 0scar

    JESC 2020

    still not over bim bam toi not winning tbh
  2. 0scar

    EUROVISION 2020 - Eurovision Song Celebration and Europe: Shine a Light - Discussion Thread

    I.. I'm not really sure what they were thinking when putting Iceland and Switzerland together
  3. 0scar

    Malta MALTA 2020 - Destiny - All of My Love

    Are they planning on releasing this on spotify because I'm WAITING
  4. 0scar

    Best and worst ESC entries of your home country

    :nl: From last decade: Best 2019 - Arcade 2013 - Birds 2014 - Calm after the Storm Worst 2011 - Never Alone 2018 - Outlaw in 'em 2010 - Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie)
  5. 0scar

    List of 2020 artists that will return for 2021

    I LOVE it that Eden is back next year
  6. 0scar

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    I feel very sorry for The Mamas if they aren't going to Eurovision 2021, that sucks and is undeserved But I couldn't help thinking that at least they went to Eurovision 2019 as well so it's slightly less horrible than if any other artist won Melodifestivalen 2020 and weren't able to go (except...
  7. 0scar

    EUROVISION 2020 - General Discussion Thread

    Well if Romania and Bulgaria will withdraw if they cannot participate with their 2020 songs I'm sure the EBU will accept that lol, they want as much as possible participants I guess
  8. 0scar

    EUROVISION 2020 - General Discussion Thread

    Well my egoist ass really, really hopes we don't get ripped off our chance to host Eurovision, even if it is delayed by a year the Netherlands waited 44 years for it and basically the whole country was living for it
  9. 0scar

    EUROVISION 2020 - General Discussion Thread

    For the record, they did evaluate the possibility to do the contest with recorded clips from everyone at home, but they (EBU) discarded the idea.
  10. 0scar

    EUROVISION 2020 - General Discussion Thread

    Devastated, sucks that it has to happen Extra sucks that it has to happen in the year the Netherlands is hosting, I honestly hope we will be able to host next year otherwise it would be a huge disappointment It is the best and right decision but damn heartbroken
  11. 0scar

    EUROVISION 2020 - General Discussion Thread

    Meh I don't want to get robbed of our one-in-44-year chance to host Eurovision
  12. 0scar

    Best of Big 5

    1. Germany 2. Spain 3. United Kingdom 4. France 5. Italy
  13. 0scar

    ESC Ranking 2020

    Have been listening to ESC songs all day and decided on the following ranking 1-5 :mt: :ch: :il: :de: :gr: 6-10 :au: :pl: :ro: :no: :es: 11-15 :bg: :nl: :cz: :fi: :mk: 16-20 :ie: :rs: :lv: :se: :uk: 21-25 :be: :is: :pt: :lt: :dk: 26-30 :fr: :by: :al: :it: :ge: 31-35 :ee: :sm: :at...
  14. 0scar

    2020 Bold Predictions

    :nl: wins back-to-back, tying with Sweden in number of victories, and getting Christer Bjorkman nervous in the race to catch up with Ireland
  15. 0scar

    Albania ALBANIA 2020 - Arilena Ara - Fall From The Sky

    Gosh I ALMOST forgot we could have Me Tana instead All those hits that are left behind in the national finals this season
  16. 0scar

    Malta MALTA 2020 - Destiny - All of My Love

    In this year this could definitely give Malta its first win At least it is a BOP xheat
  17. 0scar

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2020 - Vasil Garvanliev - You

    At least it's something else Not really my cup of tea but it's cool to have this in the competition
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