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  1. Uto

    Uto's Untidy Underbelly | Singapore | OM1: ???

    🇸🇬-SINGAPORE-🇸🇬 Edition Country Artist Title Result 1 Singapore ? ? ?
  2. Uto

    A proposal

    Dear denizens of the waiting list, In a couple of days I again have to vote in a contest (to be clear, NSC, not the WLSC) in which I have no entry and who wins or loses is basically all the same to me. This has to be done to be a part of some contest, but really it feels like the only reason...
  3. Uto

    | Utopolis |

    Utopost 13-4-2020: --- UTOPOLIS SHORTLISTED FOR NSC ---...
  4. Uto

    Iran || #IranIStan || WV 124: Mohsen Chavoshi - Ou

    ایران Welcome to IRAN ایران Played by Uto #IranIStan IRAN ALWAYS DOES INTERNAL SELECTIONS FROM NOW ON. WE MAY BE A DEMOCRACY, BUT THIS ISN'T A DEMOCRACY!!! WV 124 - Semi 2 Mohsen Chavoshi - Ou 20 (24th)
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