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  1. ChrisOL

    Azerbaijan AZERBAIJAN 2020 - Efendi - Cleopatra

    Out of a pool of many songs, I can't imagine a country picking this mess.
  2. ChrisOL

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    I also hate the way he is holding his microphone :mad:
  3. ChrisOL

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    I hate this song, the choreography, the artist, just everything.
  4. ChrisOL

    Cyprus CYPRUS 2020 - Sandro - Running

    It's quite uptempo with a hummed drop. Sounds very, very similar to this song in the chorus: The track is already available on iTunes New Zealand
  5. ChrisOL

    Austria AUSTRIA 2020 - Vincent - Alive

    Ew. Probably the worst lyric snippet this year, whoever wrote this should be fired.
  6. ChrisOL

    Germany GERMANY 2020 - Ben Dolic ft. B-OK - Violent Thing

    The song could be written by Linnea Deb, as she is now following Daniel Schuhmacher on Instagram. Someone mentioned it on So maybe it's also Daniel Schuhmacher :unsure:
  7. ChrisOL

    Guess the RUNNING ORDER

    I don't think there is this thread yet - so who do you think will start and end the show? What is Björkman doing right now? :lol:
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