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  1. AuroraBorealis

    What are you looking forward to?

    Given that the next national final selection probably won't be until late December (albania) and the rest a few months afterwards, what are you looking forward to in the time between esc? Any TV shows you're going to be watching? Maybe you've got more big events coming up?
  2. AuroraBorealis

    Which countries will be next to return/debut?

    (excluding Portugal because they're pretty much confirmed returning next year) Debut - ::lb::kz Return - ::tr
  3. AuroraBorealis

    Which countries will find themselves in the bottom six?

    This is obviously assuming that said countries reach the final, which ones will finish in the bottom six (outside the top twenty)? We can probably revive this topic after the semi-finals too. Right now, I think: ::se ::ba ::ro ::dk ::be ::de
  4. AuroraBorealis

    Which countries are at most risk of being booed?

    I have to be honest here, and it's very childish I admit, I love the drama of countries being booed. I do feel sympathy for the artists but I feel like they know that it is not aimed at them personally. With the anti-booing technology removed by SVT, we will be able to hear the real audience...
  5. AuroraBorealis

    Which entries do you think will do better than eurofans' predictions?

    ::lt ::ie ::uk These three have more mainstream appeal I think.
  6. AuroraBorealis

    What on earth?

    So I was looking for Molly's song in 2014 when I stumbled across this video and noticed that it is actually a different performance of the song? You can notice it really well around the "power to the people. oh eh eh." part and at the end where she thanks the audience especially.. how is this...
  7. AuroraBorealis

    Flag logos with a transparent background?

    Does anyone know where I can find these please? I'm experimenting with a video and if these were readily available it would be really useful :D (i'm referring to the new ones made for this year's esc)
  8. AuroraBorealis

    Audio Quality of 2014 Songs - much worse than other years?

    I don't know if this is all in my head, but it seems to me like in the youtube uploads of the 2014 entries the audio quality is significantly lower than usual? Take these songs for example (ive just picked random ones for comparison); 2013: 2014: 2015: It seems much less 'clear' (for lack...
  9. AuroraBorealis

    Which european country do you think would be best to move to?

    I would really like to move to a different country in Europe when I am older, mostly because I would like to learn another language and I feel like the UK is quite distant from the other countries. These are the things I consider most important: - A city with nice scenery, restaraunts, and...
  10. AuroraBorealis

    ♦ HITS OF THE HALF DECADE ♦ IRELAND & SWEDEN! ♦ Voting ends on 3rd February 2016 at 10pm GMT! ♦

    Click here to view the current round of voting This decade is almost half-over.. and we've had some great Eurovision entries over the past few years. Six winners, but perhaps quite a few songs that didn't quite get the recognition they deserved! With 2016 approaching, we aim to celebrate the...
  11. AuroraBorealis

    Does this annoy you?

    I know that the Jury and Televote are often slightly different, but I noticed this in the UK voting in 2014: If you look at Poland.. they got 12 points according to the televote of the UK, however a...
  12. AuroraBorealis

    Can someone identify this song please? I was searching the Eurovision tag on twitter and found this song, I want to know where I can watch the full video and what the song's name is? I'm hoping a hardcore ESC fan will recognise it.
  13. AuroraBorealis

    What if ALL broadcasting countries could vote?

    I was just thinking.. what if all broadcasting countries, including ones who are not participating, were allowed to award votes in the final? Countries like China, New Zealand, and Canada could cast votes.. do you think this would work?
  14. AuroraBorealis

    What is your favourite Eurovision opening?

    I'm watching 2011 for the first time and honestly I'm loving the 25 Lena's dancing on the stage :lol:. Gotta be the funniest thing I've seen on eurovision so far.
  15. AuroraBorealis

    How useful is Duolingo for fluency?

    I don't want to share my age so let's just say it was some point in the last 5 years, I took a German GCSE at my school (which I got a B in), but I'm still not entirely fluent in German and I would like to be. Since I don't have much money, I decided to look for free alternatives. Duolingo was...
  16. AuroraBorealis

    Which of the semi final acts most deserved to be in the final?

    I think Belarus.
  17. AuroraBorealis

    ♦ Valienté | WLSC111: Leah McFall - Home ♦

    Country: Valienté Capital: Mineauville Population: 36,250,494 Total Area: 457,170km2 Main Language: English Other major languages: French, Italian Government: Democratic Parliamentary Republic Religion: None (82%), Christian (13%), Other (5%) Currency: Valienté Dollar - equivalent to €1.25...
  18. AuroraBorealis

    How would you have voted if it were up to you in 2015?

    First of all, hey! My name is Josh I'm new to this forum and I joined because I thought it would be fun to post on a eurovision forum. I'm from the UK - who unfortunately seems to keep sending rubbish singers, at least we get our own national final in 2016! At last! Hope to make lots of friends...
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