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  1. 94ayd

    Voting via Eurovision app for smartphones

    I downloaded the application about a week ago, but I've been unable to log in, even though I could online. I even changed my password, 'cos I had forgotten it. Have any of you been successful in doing so?
  2. 94ayd

    Karaoke spin-off - THE RESULTS

    We'll be starting in 15 minutes. I didn't have the time to make scoreboards, but I've uploaded the votes to Scorewiz, so we'll be doing things fast. ;)
  3. 94ayd

    Karaoke spin-off - THE SHOW/Results: 22nd February, 15:00 GMT/16:00 CET/17:00 EET

    Welcome to the 17 participants of out latest spin-off - the Karaoke one, as well as to everyone else watching, of course! :) The event is gonna be held in ::qdq's capital. The host for tonight is none other than our very own VALENTINA HASAN: She is best known for her version of Mariah...
  4. 94ayd

    Karaoke spin-off - confirmation thread

    Welcome, for only the 2nd time in history, to QuiénDQ's capital KlodenMFÖ! :mrgreen: The last time we met here was when we celebrated the 7th decade of NSC. This time we're celebrating our talents and especially our singing voices. :lol: That's why I need all the nations wanting to join to send...
  5. 94ayd

    FSC #40 - June 2012 - RESULTS THREAD

    Welcome back to San Sebastian, Spain! We've gathered here to put an end to the mystery which song was most voted for by out 41 expert juries this month. The running order is the same as the one in the show: 1. Norway 2. UK 3. Morocco 4. Macedonia 5. Canada 6. Mexico 7. Russia 8. Switzerland 9...
  6. 94ayd

    FSC #37 - March 2012

    You know what they say, it's better late than never. :lol: Welcome to San Francisco, California. The city in the States won the chance to host the event after ::us won last month's FSC with the song "The Broken Ones" performed by Dia Frampton: Here's the official logo of this month's...
  7. 94ayd

    FSC #37 - March 2012 - Confirmation thread

    You've got about a week left to post your entries for the upcoming edition - the deadline is 29th February, 23:59 CET. Details and who has confirmed and when to expect the show later on. ;)
  8. 94ayd

    FSC #34 - December 2011 - THE RESULTS

    We welcome you again to Antwerp, Belgium for the results show. :) 38 participants took part in the last edition for this year but only one of them can win. All of them have, indeed, voted on time and let's see the running order: ::gr ::mx ::br ::us ::es ::sl ::de ::il ::az ::fr ::no ::hu...
  9. 94ayd

    FSC #31 - September 2011 - THE SHOW - Results on page 19

    At last, it is time for the 31st monthly edition of FSC to begin and after Getter Janni and Koit Toome's win, it's time to welcome all the nations in Tallinn, Estonia. ::ee :) Let's meet the hosts. First up it's Piret Järvis: And then we have Uku Suviste: The venue that's hosting the show...
  10. 94ayd

    FSC #31 - September 2011 - CONFIRMATION

    As the end of the month is approaching, it's time again for you to send in your entries for next edition, that is if you intend on participating, of course. :lol: This, as most of you probably know by now, is done by posting a MP3 download link and a PICTURE/LYRICS video link in your respective...
  11. 94ayd


    We're starting in 15 minutes but first, let's listen to the song that QuiénDQ was represented by last Congrats and so to welcome our presenter for the night - Kylie: And also, a recap of the songs that are competing tonight (provided by Nati :)): Predictions? ;)
  12. 94ayd

    FSC #29, JULY 2011 - RESULTS SHOW

    Before we get to business let's listen to the recap our lovely friend Narmina has prepared for us: The scoreboards are what I call static - countries stay at the same place, no matter the result and also no places have been displayed cause I wanted for us to try and concentrate solely on the...
  13. 94ayd

    NSC CONGRATULATIONS 7 - THE SHOW - Results: 9th August, discuss the time here!

    Welcome to the 7th edition of this wonderful festival! The host we have for you tonight is no other than our country's favourite singer - applause for KYLIE MINOGUE! :mrgreen: Kylie: Hey, guys, how are you doing? We have 52 amazing entries competing for your points tonight but apart from...
  14. 94ayd

    NSC CONGRATULATIONS 7 - confirmation thread

    It's time to celebrate a new decade of our fave on-line contest, namely NSC. :D For the 1st time ever we're meeting in ::qdq and it's a great honour to greet everyone in our capital KlodenMFÖ. Let's get down to the serious part. Nations that have taken part between NSC 61 and NSC 70 can send me...
  15. 94ayd

    FSC #27, MAY 2011 - THE SHOW - RESULTS PAGE 14

    FSC #27: SUMMER FUN IN MIAMI Host City: MIAMI, FL, USA VENUE American Airlines Arena HOSTS Mario Lopez Jennifer Lopez Now, as you've seen the venue and have met the hosts, it is time to introduce you this edition's 31 competing songs: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10...
  16. 94ayd

    FSC #27, MAY 2011 - SIGN UP THREAD

    As the end of April is approaching, I have to remind you to send your songs soon if you want to take part next edition. Please, them by 30th April 23:59 CET. :mrgreen: If you'd like, you can propose some ideas for the banners. ;) A list with the submitted entries so far will be published tomorrow.
  17. 94ayd

    FSC #24 - February 2011 - THE SHOW - RESULTS PAGE 9

    WELCOME TO THE 24TH EDITION OF THIS SPECTACULAR CONTEST! The contest has returned to the United Kingdom, namely London after a very convincing win last month. London is the capital of the United Kingdom, the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and the largest urban zone in the...
  18. 94ayd

    FSC #24 - February 2011 - SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES!

    Even though our next destination is still unknown, we need to start preparing the show slowly. ;) So, what I need from you guys is to send your entries by 30th January, 23:59 CET. Entries sent on the following day may be accepted but I'd advice you not to take any risks. A list with the entries...
  19. 94ayd

    Хайде и на кирилица - БЪЛГАРСКАТА ТЕМА!

    Хайде и на кирилица - БЪЛГАРСКАТА ТЕМА! Крайно време е да се разнообразим с нашата хубава азбука. :mrgreen:
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