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  1. AdilHassani

    Who would have won Eurovision 2020?

    I don't think Switzerland may won. Russia Bulgaria Iceland or Lithuania would've done better especially in televoting
  2. AdilHassani

    FSC #132 - February 2020: The Show! [Zaanstad - The Netherlands] | RESULTS from page 3

    France voted and I announce that will be my last participation this edition. But maybe I might come back
  3. AdilHassani

    France FRANCE 2015 - Lisa Angell - N'oubliez pas

    Sadly, I didn't liked this at all due to the lack of modernity and the style suited for her. She finished in my bottom 3 of 2015 and I was listening the album released of 2015 and I'm suprised to liking Reste as in general I'm not fan of her music.
  4. AdilHassani

    France FRANCE 2014 - Twin Twin - Moustache

    I know It's a unpopular opinion for me but they deserved better love in ESC especially in televoting. They finished 6th in my rank and stream their album Vive la vie :
  5. AdilHassani

    FRANCE 2013 - Amandine Bourgeois - L'enfer et moi

    For the Rosalina look like, the voice is cool, the intention of song too but the production is a half frustrating. Tempo too slow (90 bpm) not much accessible and repetitive end. Live was great and I really hope she needs to come back with a song like Signé ta petite fille (Piano version who...
  6. AdilHassani

    FRANCE 2012 - Anggun - Echo (You and I)

    For Komodo Joe like in her voice. I think in an objective level a good artist choice. Good style, personnality etc. The only problem for me is her voice not a fan but the song echo (Jean-Pierre Pilot/William Rousseau who worked on this with her for the Echoes album also well known for the work...
  7. AdilHassani

    FRANCE 2011 - Amaury Vassili - Sognu

    I know live was dissapointing but the song was excellent and he's my winner of 2011. And we know Pinstripe was underrated by eurofans like Moustache
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