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  1. aletem

    FIFA World Cup 2022

    Deutschland, Deutschland, Aufwiedersehen!! Woooooooooooohooooo!!! What a great day to be a Macedonian and to knock out Germany in football. What a fabulous performance. Merkel found dead in a ditch! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  2. aletem

    Finland FINLAND 2021 - Blind Channel - Dark Side

    I don't like it. Not digging this style of rock (garage/industrial, whatever it is).
  3. aletem

    San Marino SAN MARINO 2021 - Senhit ft. Flo Rida - Adrenalina

    Oyyy, Adrenalina Gasolina.. me gusta ESC 2022 - Senhit's garage :love:
  4. aletem

    Euro 2020

  5. aletem

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2020 - Vasil Garvanliev - You

    I know he lives in Canada (as are you, so you either know him well or you are him based on your replies). Additionally, your replies to everyone are beyond sharp and unnecessary. Clearly you have time to do that and you should kind of tone down with that (there will always be people that...
  6. aletem

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2020 - Vasil Garvanliev - You

    I wish there would have been more tango in the song and more of a punch/strength. It is very sensual and intimate yes, with good opportunities to do something creative on stage. It can also be easily forgotten... Yes, that would be pretty bold and interesting to see, especially from him and...
  7. aletem

    Serbia SERBIA 2020 - Hurricane - Hasta la vista

    You want him? And how did you know what was said in the interview?
  8. aletem

    Serbia SERBIA 2020 - Hurricane - Hasta la vista

    Eh, no.. not at the moment at least.... I usually like these type of songs, but it feels non-existent. Like it's not even there, empty, dry. I also think in that particular semi it may even struggle with the televote.
  9. aletem

    Serbia SERBIA 2020 - Hurricane - Hasta la vista

    Ok, so I heard them and yeah there are some pretty good songs here. Neda - Bomba - Al cura dobro peva. E jebiga iskustvo radi. :lol: I like it. She is pretty famous, you'll get a top10 televote with her in the final for sure! Andrija Jo - Oci Meduze - Yeah, I also like this one. Like I said I...
  10. aletem

    Serbia SERBIA 2020 - Hurricane - Hasta la vista

    They did? Oh my, how very exciting that must be...... I couldn't care less tbh, lol. Anyway, I would be cheering for Neda and maybe Andrija Jo. It would be cool to see what he has to offer (and I didn't knew he was a singer and knew him from before).
  11. aletem

    Serbia SERBIA 2020 - Hurricane - Hasta la vista

    Or you can hope that Albania will miss the final (if they have one of those weird meh entries again, they might as well) and that 12 will be given to you on a platter. Although, yes... Sending NoYes Stolen will give you a top10 in the final, not only high ex-yu votes.
  12. aletem

    Karaoke ESC songs

    Does anyone have, by any chance, karaoke ESC songs in .cdg file? I need couple of songs actually. I don't need just the instrumental, because I would need the graphics/lyrics shown, once the song kicks-in on the karaoke machine. :lol: If any of you have files like that or know where to download...
  13. aletem

    New Acadia

    Re: New Acadia - NSC 83 Hmmm, "Sve je isto, samo njega nema" or "Yugo". I don't recall any others. :lol: Sorry for being curious! :lol:
  14. aletem

    New Acadia

    Re: New Acadia - NSC 83 "Druze Tito mi ti se kunemo"?? :shock: 8-) :mrgreen:
  15. aletem

    Belvist - NSC 193: Delain - Masters of Destiny

    Re: Belvist: A come back.... Welcome back Milos!!! :D
  16. aletem

    ❤️💜💛 CYDONI-GIBBERIA 194 ❤️💜💛 Spiritbox - Circle With Me

    Re: CYDONI-GIBBERIA 71 - Justin Bieber - Baby Rebecca Black's reaction after seeing that Canadian Hero/Superstar/Mega-Giga man is going to perform for CGB: :mrgreen:
  17. aletem

    My reviews of the songs

    I'm sorry that I'm not posting this as a blog, cause I've used too many characters. :oops: Anyway, here they are. I tried to be constructive and nice, for a change. You can write what you think, a.k.a. agree/disagree, or you can add on my "constructive criticism". Semi-final 1: Poland: Poland...
  18. aletem


    Re: Reym-L-Dneurb | NSC 66: Gotan Project - Rayuela "Santa maria" is probably their best one!! 8-) But this is pretty nice too. :)
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