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  1. Citelis

    Ranking per national final 2020

    I wanted to post somewhere all my rankings of all national finals and some semi-finals this year. So instead of spamming several threads here they are! I will post more rankings when more selections come! :al: Festivali i Këngës Final 1. Arilena Ara - Shaj :10: 2. Elvana Gjata - Me tana :10...
  2. Citelis

    Eurovision 2020 participants

    In the past there was a thread only for the participants. Let's see here who will partcipate in Eurovision 2020. First will check the confirmed participants :al: Arilena Ara - Curse :am: Depi Evratesil :au: Australia Decides :at: Vincent Bueno - Alive :az: :by: Eurofest :be: Hooverphonic :bg...
  3. Citelis

    Favorite ESC country of the decade

    The decade is complete so its time to find my favorite country in Eurovision of the decade. In order to do that i will ask MS Excel to make a sum of all the points i have given to all the entries per country in the decade. Im talking about the ratings here in forum which means every year there...
  4. Citelis

    Ranking of winners, runners-up etc of the decade

    And finally time to rank here the winners, the runners-up, the 3rd places and the last places of the whole decade. I didn't want to create new thread but didn't knew where to post it. WINNERS 1. ::dk 2013 Emmelie de Forest - Only teardrops 2. ::se 2012 Loreen - Euphoria 3. ::il 2018 Netta -...
  5. Citelis

    Best and worst entries of the whole decade?

    Another amazing Eurovision decade is now complete. Hundreds of songs. Some of them were really amazing and i still listening to them today. However there have been some entries that i strongly disliked all these years. I will try to create first my top 30 favorite entries of the whole decade...
  6. Citelis

    Predict the final results

    An attempt to predict the final results. 1. ::nl 2. ::ch 3. ::se 4. ::az 5. ::au 6. ::ru 7. ::it 8. ::fr 9. ::ee 10. ::sl 11. ::es 12. ::is 13. ::mt 14. ::al 15. ::by 16. ::no 17. ::rs 18. ::cy 19. ::mk 20. ::uk 21. ::gr 22. ::sm 23. ::cz 24. ::dk 25. ::il 26. ::de
  7. Citelis

    Eurovision and safety issues Do you believe that Eurovision is in danger to be cancelled for safety reasons?
  8. Citelis

    Best and worst ever result for a country this year?

    Do you believe that there is any country that can get this year their best or their worst ever result? Some cases: ::is best ever result is 2nd (twice) but i don't think that Hatari is anywhere near the win. ::cy best result is 2nd too but i don't think Tamta's song is that strong. ::sm best...
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