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  1. Tinchey

    Semifinal draw predictions

    Post your predictions for two semifinals, since we know all songs in semi 1 lets do that one first! Here's mine: 1. Finland 2. Montenegro 3. Belarus 4. Czech Republic 5. Serbia 6. Poland 7. Slovenia 8. Cyprus 9. Hungary ------------------------------------ 10. San Marino 11. Georgia 12...
  2. Tinchey

    Uneven quality of the semifinals

    Could the results this year, where semi 1 entries obviously outperformed semi 2 entries, lead to allocation rule change?. Could it soon be entirely up to producers? I mean the discrepancy this year was more than obvious and it showed in yt/itunes/spotify numbers after semis and eventually in...
  3. Tinchey

    NSC ESC 2016 Spinoff #IllumiaGO confirmation deadline: 3/4/2016 23:23 CET

    Hiyaaaa, this is the first post... pretty much I'll be needing these information: Nation/Country: Artist/Song: Video link (can be pretty much any live performance/official/unofficial video etc. as long as it's the final version of the entry): One word that reminds you of this...
  4. Tinchey

    NSC 127 B-final Results TODAY 19:23 CET

    We're back y'all, 127 ain't over yet. mhm. Lets remind ourselves of the 29 flop songs we had in the semis. From scorewhores to weirdos, we've got it all right here in NSC 127 B-final! #yas #blessed But first lets listen to the winner of NSC 126 B-final SLEMANDÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉ...
  5. Tinchey

    Eurobasket 2015

  6. Tinchey

    What went wrong in the final, ORF?

    Is it just me or was that the worst final when it comes to live broadcast? I've noticed so many mistakes and it was kinda awkward at one point when Arabella was standing in the green room waiting for the camera to turn off. :'D I usually wouldn't comment on such thing but this is a huge event...
  7. Tinchey

    NSC 120 Final results 29/3/15 17:23 CET

    I'm at work today whole day, which I realised right now, so I'm unable to finish last 25 scoreboards before 3am. :'D Anyway as I said Sunday is the last day to postpone results. ^^ Make your predictions, send me Pregomesh and rant over my decision. ^^
  8. Tinchey

    What's your mum's favourite?

    As always moms, dads, grandparents, cats etc. are entitled to their opinion. Here you can post your family member favourites. ^^
  9. Tinchey

    NSC 120 FINAL #holdthismoment DDL 27/3/15 17:23 SCET

    IMPORTANT (ALL SHOULD READ): The deadlines for WLers is one day earlier than the regular. It is because pjelacki (WL votes collector) will make a WL show on friday (Moser, I hope that's okay for you?) after the regular deadline. So WL deadline is Thursday 26/3/2015 23:23 CET. For NSCers the...
  10. Tinchey

    NSC 120 SEMI RESULTS 17:00 CET #holdthismoment

    Results + draw will be held here!!!
  11. Tinchey

    #illumia120 #holdthismoment #120editionsofdrama #ddl5/3/15/2323ZST

    How can you not feel inspired by this post on 23rd page of Vedatistani thread #sign #unlagod #ramagod #dashuria Of couse I will host, btw thanks for skype pollers that voted yes. ^^ Send your entries via PM by 5/3/2015 23:23 ZST! Set your clocks to universal NSC timezone (CET +2 min) Thanks...
  12. Tinchey

    New ESC logo

    Eurovision Song Contest logo evolves | News | Eurovision Song Contest - Copenhagen 2014 Discuss.
  13. Tinchey

    Mister World Cup 2014

    The title is enough, though we won't be having a contest. It's rather a thread where you post cute footballers. ^^
  14. Tinchey

    What's your mom's favourite?

    Usually I hear people saying this: Oh my mom liked this and this etc. It's a bit early to ask, but just in case here's the thread. NOTE: Your aunts and grandparents count too. :D
  15. Tinchey

    Male domination in ESC 2014

    So far we've seen mostly female winners, but this year according to fans and bookies, males have the most chances of winning. Are witnessing another low moment of humanity where males overdominate females?! Are we ready for this? Are we really ready for non-gimmicky male winner? Say no to male...
  16. Tinchey

    Gay, Gypsy & Jew Spinoff in Gaduristan/Illumia | RESULTS 8/2/13 19:00 CET

    Welcome to the beautiful Illumian province of Gaduristan to the very first spinoff dedicated to Gay, Gypsy and Jew culture, music and artists. Before we start with the competition, lets hear the song that inspired us to make this spinoff possible: Lovely! Now lets move on with the...
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