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  1. Israeliboy

    Show Us Your Car!

    Would be very lovely to see your cars :) can be a cool topic, so let's go ! 8-)
  2. Israeliboy

    Travelling alone

    Hello my friends, Yeah I know it's a bit strange. But I really wanna make a trip aboard. I have my friends in UK and Germany, as part of my trip I'll visit them and stay with them. But, I wanna fly to Sweden and Norway. If someone has some advices, if it's good idea to travel alone to Sweden or...
  3. Israeliboy

    MISS WORLD 2012

  4. Israeliboy

    Sub-forum in the language threads forum

    Hello dear admins! Can you please open a sub-forum in the language threads for the ones who need any help in any language? Then, users can ask questions, study new words, help to translate some sentences and users who know the language can "teach" the other users who want to study it! I think...
  5. Israeliboy

    :::FINAL - ISRAELI IDOL 9:::

    Hello guys, TODAY IS THE DAY! It is not a secret, The final of Israeli idol is like a holiday in Israel. ALL watch the finals . . . So, here are the 3 finalists. Mhhh maybe you will see them in Eurovision next year? ;) 1 - Hagit Yaso 2 - David Lavi 3 - Liran Ramati: My...
  6. Israeliboy

    Shalom - שלום. Let's speak IVRIT (Hebrew)

    Shalom Le'kulam/ שלום לכולם/ Hello All! If you need any help in Hebrew, I'm here :)
  7. Israeliboy

    ::Big Brother (Israel and Spain, Esc mission)::

    ::es ::il One from "Israeli Big Brother" went to "Spanish Big Brother", and someone from "Spanish Big Brother" went to "Israeli Big Brother". The one from Israel need to teach the others to sing the song "Abanibi" (Israel 1978). The one from Spain need to teach the others to sing the song...
  8. Israeliboy


    I thought a lot before opening this topic. But as an Israeli and fan of Esc. I think those 2 programs have a lot in common, especially cause of the Israeli singers in 2005,2008 and 2010. And I really wanna show you the Finalists if you don't mind ;) SO ,ISRAELI IDOL 8 FINALISTS ARE . . ...
  9. Israeliboy

    What do you like to wear?

    You can use H&M website, and make your ideal fashion. This is my ideal fashion I created for a party: Going out to buy something: This is my real kind of fashion, but I think today I'll go to H&M and buy all the things in the pics above:lol: What is yours?
  10. Israeliboy

    Best Israeli entry ever

    What is your favorite Israeli entry EVER? Some pictures of Israeli singers in Esc/ Israeli performances in Esc: (Israel 1978 - WINNER) (Israel 1979 - WINNER) (Israel 1998 - WINNER) (Israel 1982 - 2nd place) (Israel 1983 - 2nd place) (Israel 1991 - 3rd place) (Israel 2008)...
  11. Israeliboy

    The song titles & countries in your language - COME ON!

    Let's translate the songs and countries in your language :D Albania , Juliana Pasha - It's all about you Armenia , Eva Rivas - Apricot stone Azerbaijan , Safura - Drip Drop Belarus , 3+2 (Three plus Two) - Butterflies Belgium , Tom Dice - Me And My Guitar Bosnia & Herzegovina, Vukasin...
  12. Israeliboy

    Posting you-tube links problem!

    Hey all! I have a problem. when I post Youtube videos and put the link in that way Example (I know I need to put "[/]" ) (youtube) LINK [/youtube] I can't see the video :shock: :? :shock: :? :shock: :? :shock: :? Can you see my vid? Maybe I...
  13. Israeliboy

    FSC Israel

    Jerusalem Tel Aviv Haifa (city in the north) Eilat (southern city) Israel and FSC: Israel won FSC one time, in June 2009 with Hen Aharoni and his song "Barechov" (Means, In the street) Israeli entries & results in the editions: May 2009: 4th (79 pt) Maya Buskila - Nishmati (My soul)...
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