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  1. Himan

    How do you feel?

    a death? That sounds horrendous. Are you okay?
  2. Himan

    Who will qualify from Semifinal 1?

    I find this semi difficult. I mean Russia is normally almost an automatic qualifyer, but I honestly don't believe Western European countries will give a lot of points for it. But it will get automatic 24 from Azerbaijan probably. Also a lot of points from televotes in Ukraine and maybe Lithuania...
  3. Himan

    Are there too many qualifiers?

    Songs should be only shorter than 3.00 right. Also about the interval acts: votes have to be counted and voted, so that costs time also. 26 is actually way to much to remember, tough I think the way it is handled now with the 'director' choosing the order makes it a bit more equal. Yes it makes...
  4. Himan

    The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 2022

    I'm happy we don't have to host again in 2022
  5. Himan

    Best Amen?!?

    ::il 1995
  6. Himan

    ESC UNITED FORUM RANKING GAME 2021 - ROUND 12 - Ends 17/04 23:59 CET!

    ::nl calling ::12 ::lt ::10 ::ch ::8 ::bg ::7 ::ua ::6 ::it ::5 ::be ::4 ::fi ::3 ::is ::2 ::lv ::1 ::sm
  7. Himan

    Sweden SWEDEN 2021 - Tusse - Voices

    Great song don't understand what you are all talking about.
  8. Himan

    Latvia LATVIA 2021 - Samanta Tīna - The Moon Is Rising

    I shouldn't like it, but oh well I just love her voice and the message is good too.
  9. Himan

    ESC Ranking 2021

    I just had so much fun putting Germany last...
  10. Himan

    ESC Ranking 2021

    1. :lt: 2. :fr: 3. :it: 4. :ua: 5. :be: 6. :ro: 7. :fi: 8. :ru: 9. :al: 10. :nl: 11. :au: 12. :ie: 13. :sm: 14. :pt: 15. :dk: 16. :il: 17. :cz: 18. :cy: 19. :hr: 20. :no: 21. :md: 22. :sl: 23. :ee: 24. :es: 25. :rs: 26. :de: 27. ::by
  11. Himan

    2021 Bold Predictions

    ::sm:: wins
  12. Himan

    San Marino SAN MARINO 2021 - Senhit - Adrenalina

    It's pretty good, not my genre obviously, but still. Now she must deliver on stage!
  13. Himan


    So to be a bit less harsh (I am still Dutch) I don't really feel bad, these contest feel like a crossroad between two things I really, really like. Music and statistics. The problem with it, is that since I'm getting older I want to try to create stuff myself or at least play music myself at my...
  14. Himan


    Yes, I'm sorry. This is also my full resignation of this contest, can't find the motivation for it anymore.
  15. Himan

    How do you feel?

    Hmm, that doesn't sound good, where does all this stress come from?
  16. Himan

    How do you feel?

    I guess you do exist?
  17. Himan

    《 WLSC 211 》 A NEON DAYDREAM 《 Sillhammer, Effiland 》winner revealed!

    I'm not going to join either, I need a break from as much as possible, I might join 2 or 3 WLSC's from now.
  18. Himan

    OM 12 ❂ Beirut ❂ Schedule + Draw

    Great draw! xheat
  19. Himan

    --- Үто --- | Mongolia | OM17: Surug Huch - Toxic Lady

    If a microscope looks this monochrome, I think it is a pictogram.
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