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  1. daniels1000

    Oslo • Anna of the North — Sway

    xhmmm I haven't been posting my entries in the green room for a really long time - time to (try to) change that again! Hope you enjoy my journey through the vivid Oslo's music scene! [something might or might not come up here in the future] ::oslo ::oslo ::oslo
  2. daniels1000

    WV REYKJAVIK 112 • Grand Final • RESULTS: August 23, 20:00 CEST

    ■■■ And it's already time for the grand final of the WV112! After capturing the natural landscapes and wildlife, in the final part, through our 26 finalists, we will get a little insight into Icelandic life, as well as see people experiencing Icelandic atmosphere...
  3. daniels1000

    WV REYKJAVIK 112 • Semifinal 2 • DDL: August 15, 23:59 CET

    ■■■ Welcome to the 2nd semifinal! After capturing the breathtaking Icelandic natural landscapes, in this part of the journey through Icelandic atmosphere, we will discover the Icelandic wildlife. ■■■ ■■■ Send your votes to whiteshoes until August 15, 23:59 CET! Please...
  4. daniels1000

    WV REYKJAVIK 112 • Semifinal 1 • DDL: August 14, 23:59 CET

    ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ Send your votes to JamieBrown until August 14, 23:59 CET! Please mention your OWN NATION (which is voting) in the PM!
  5. daniels1000


    ■ PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE ■ CONFIRMATION PERIOD 01/08 - 06/08 FIRST SEMIFINAL 08/08 - 14/08 SECOND SEMIFINAL 09/08 - 15/08 GRAND FINAL 17/08 - 22/08 Grand Final results one or two days after the deadline. The deadline might be prolonged. ::is::is::is Enjoy your stay in Iceland!
  6. daniels1000

    NSC 158 in Blackmere • Results show: Today, 21:00 CET

    Join us today at 21:00 CET to find out who won the odyssey in this edition! xheya
  7. daniels1000

    NSC 158 in Blackmere • Semifinal results - 21:00 CET

    Join us at ~21:00 CET xcheer
  8. daniels1000

    NSC 158 in Blackmere • Odyssey — Part 1 • DDL: May 21, 18:00 CET

    PQs ◆ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ ◆ Send your votes (regular + reju) to daniels1000 until May 21, 18:00 CET Text show: ◆ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ ◆ VOTES RECEIVED
  9. daniels1000

    NSC 158 in Blackmere • Odyssey • Confirmations • DDL: May 10, 23:59 CET

    NSC 158 ::blm ::blm ::blm We welcome you all for the first time in Blackmere! To join the NSC158 odyssey in Blackmere, please send me your entries using this form: Nation name: Artist and song title: Video link: Flag: DEADLINE: May 10 — 23:59 CET CONFIRMED ENTRIES 53/59 Hypjø...
  10. daniels1000

    WV CHICAGO 84 | Send Your Entry

    !!! IMPORTANT !!! Due to some technical problems, you have to send your entries to me this time, NOT to WorldVision account. Otherwise, I am not sure if your entries can be confirmed before the deadline. In case you have already sent your entry, you must resend it to me. YOU HAVE TO SEND...
  11. daniels1000

    'Forum time travel' - Information

    Dear WVers, Due to website problems the last couple of days, the forum had to be restored to the latest stable back-up. This means that everything that has been posted in last ∼1 week (along with PMs or any changes that you made on the forum during this period) has unfortunately been lost...
  12. daniels1000

    WV EDINBURGH 67 • FINAL • RESULTS: Today (August 23), 19:30 CET

    everyone except ::az and ::buch ::mt::lt::lein::neus Northern Savonia
  13. daniels1000


    everyone ::midw::lond::susa::pl::nrwe ::it::us::lein::md::paci ::mt::atti::en::ca::west ::sc::gr::co::br::svea ::is::ve
  14. daniels1000


    ::mc::susa::nrwe::lond::pl ::sthm::it::midw::md::paci ::es::jp::sc::nl::az ::co::fr::gr::is::es ::ua ::sobr::ca::wmdl::iled::mazo ::de::pt::lv::mt::subc ::us::lein::ru::il::west ::atti::en::ba::br::au ::ve::ro
  15. daniels1000


    ::en::in::nb::eg::atti ::ca::ve::subc::mars::ro ::ru::tr::us::west::au ::br::brit::chub::sk::ie ::uusi ::susa::nrwe::midw::mazo::lond ::mt::wmdl::iled::pl::pt ::lv::md::it::il::sc ::lein::gr::paci::jp::ba ::co
  16. daniels1000


  17. daniels1000

    WLSC 75 in Blackmere • The show • Feel The Spirit Of The Forest • Results show: Today, 21:45 CET

    Hosted in Svàrtur, Blackmere The show will be opened by Korpiklaani with an amazing song "Pellonpekko" from their album "Spirit Of The Forest". Let's also greet our tonight's host, Loreena McKennitt, who brought the contest to Blackmere. And now let's listen to all the 12 songs...
  18. daniels1000

    Blackmere • 143 • Ulver - Eos

    BLACKMERE Capital city: Svàrtur (population: 1.222.400) Population: 3.141 million Area: 142857 km2 (density: 21.99 pop./km2) Political system: Republic Official languages: Blackmerish, Finnish, Gaelic, Icelandic Other original names: Dubhmhuir (Blackmerish); Dubhuisge (Gaelic); Synkkämeri...
  19. daniels1000


    *** NOTE: To save you from confused faces, I'm going to post here why am I posting the show and not Vasilije. Vasilije had to go on a trip and didn't have enough time to finish the banners so he asked us if we could do it. The banners were designed by Vasilije. Credits to me go for making...
  20. daniels1000

    WV VENICE 23 | GRAND FINAL | RESULTS from Page 11

    ::atti::ca::crnw::harj::lb::lond::nz::nrwe::ro::seou::rs::ch::ua::vest::ar::bb::fo::il::pe::pr::vien ::west::au::en::fr::de::hu::ie::it::lu::mlpl::mazo::nl::no::onta::paci::pl::pt::sl::kr::tw::tr ::wale
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