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  1. daniels1000


    Congrats to our new king of WV ;) Amazing winner!!! Also that moment when I give Ashley the highest score he received and he also votes for me xheat But seriously, it was not far from getting my 12. Great song xheart :uk: was a little too amazing not to give it 12 points this time but it was...
  2. daniels1000

    ESC UNITED FORUM RANKING GAME 2021 - ROUND 12 - Ends 17/04 23:59 CET!

    Here are the first votes from me / :de: :hr: :12: :bg: Bulgaria :10: :sl: Slovenia ::8 :ru: Russia ::7 :ge: Georgia :6: :ro: Romania ::5 :gr: Greece :4: :no: Norway ::3 :nl: The Netherlands ::2 ::ch Switzerland ::1 ::ua Ukraine 11. Ireland 12. Azerbaijan
  3. daniels1000

    ⫷ WV 138 DRAMMEN ∥ SEMIFINAL 2 ∥ RESULTS: 20:30 CET ⫸

    What a nice surprise xheart I thought I would fail again... thanks everyone! ::oslo ::7 ::svea ::6 ::lond ::5 ::seou ::4 ::hu ::2 ::lv
  4. daniels1000

    ⫷ WV 138 DRAMMEN ∥ SEMIFINAL 1 ∥ RESULTS: 20:30 CET ⫸

    That's kinda strange. The requests for being in a particular semifinal are virtually always approved EDIT: Nevermind I guess, I've just seen Gera's post
  5. daniels1000

    ⫷ WV 138 DRAMMEN, ØSTLANDET ∥ FINAL DRAW ∥ FINAL LL: 02/04 21:00 CET ⫸

    Oslo's delegation is looking forward to the exhausting trip to the hosting city Good luck xcheer
  6. daniels1000

    Poland POLAND 2021 - RAFAŁ - The Ride

    The song itself has some potential, but my god the singer sounds like someone from a pre-selection of Poland's Got Talent. It just falls really flat ::3
  7. daniels1000

    Iceland ICELAND 2021 - Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years

    It seems I will never understand what people hear in the song from last year, as this one sounds very similar, just definitely better. But still, while being decent and all, this is just too simple for my taste and I cannot really grasp much out of it. Choir is a nice addition, but not even that...
  8. daniels1000


    73% ::is ::vstl xangel 67% ::fr 65% ::sc 61% ::queb 57% ::mw 51% ::atti 50% ::it
  9. daniels1000

    UEFA Champions League and Europa League

    Dinamo Zagreb xbow xbow xbow
  10. daniels1000

    WorldVision Chat Box

    I think you're all misinterpreting what is being said here - the first and foremost requirement is that the artist has roots from the country/region in question (e.g. parents from the country, but no data on citizenship). In other words: for the special ties to be considered, the artist must...
  11. daniels1000


    That Norwegian domination xbow Congrats dear Luis :love: I'm also happy to see the amazingness from ::ostl 2nd and :be: 4th xheart However, :lv: was really underrated IOTAP Also honorable mentions to those who missed my Top 10: ::fi::za::pl And finally thanks for a great hosting xhug
  12. daniels1000

    Georgia GEORGIA 2021 - Tornike Kipiani - You

    Georgia sending atmospheric indie xheat I would just prefer this with a more atmospheric voice, but the song is beautiful, and this is a very genuine entry by Georgia. ::10
  13. daniels1000

    Malta MALTA 2021 - Destiny - Je Me Casse

    Trash. I can't with that cheap swing drop. :1: point Sounds like a borderline Q/NQ
  14. daniels1000

    Russia RUSSIA 2021 - Manizha - Russian Woman

    This is really good :eek: :8: points
  15. daniels1000

    Bulgaria BULGARIA 2021 - VICTORIA - Growing Up Is Getting Old

    :bg: serving this level of quality xbow This sounds like something I would consider sending to a forum contest here. Last year her song was also very good, but I didn't really connect with it that much. The last minute here is just amazing. :12: points. See you in Sofia next year < 3
  16. daniels1000

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2021 - Vasil - Here I Stand

    Me trying to process THAT much cheese in this entry:
  17. daniels1000

    Sweden SWEDEN 2021 - Tusse - Voices

    Year after year I end up thinking Swedish entries cannot get any blander than that, and then they strike again with something even blander :sleep: If this was sent by pretty much any other country than Sweden or Russia, it would be a safe NQ in my books.
  18. daniels1000

    Belarus BELARUS 2021 - not taking part

    After listening to this entry:
  19. daniels1000


    Thanks to those who voted for Oslo xheart Totally expected the DNQ this time, so xshrug :8: :uk: :( :6: :dk: :eek: :3: :paci: :1: :tr:
  20. daniels1000

    2021 Bold Predictions

    ::lt fails to qualify ::be finishes bottom 3 in SF ::dk finishes Top 10
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