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  1. ParadiseES

    ESC UNITED FORUM RANKING GAME 2021 - ROUND 12 - Ends 17/04 23:59 CET!

    Spain calling: 12- Greece 10- Finland 8- France 7- Cyprus 6- Ukraine 5- Bulgaria 4- Switzerland 3- San Marino 2- Italy 1- Sweden
  2. ParadiseES

    ESC BIG BROTHER 2018 - SEMI-FINAL 2 ~ ROUND 8 HAS STARTED, PLEASE VOTE (ddl. 31st March, 21:59 CET)

    We will decide the winner via the game. xcheer The rules are very simple: I will post the hints from time to time (most likely one hint per day) and you have to guess a city according to the available hints. You can post only once per semi-final/final, what means that you can make 2 posts (one...
  3. ParadiseES

    If you were juror...

    This thread is to post how you would vote if you were a member of your national jury. This is not to post your personal top of the semifinal(s)/final. There are other threads for that. It's to share how you would vote in a professional way, considering what the juries are supposed to value...
  4. ParadiseES

    Hottest boys 2017

    As per A-lister request, I'll open the thread this year. I'm busy and can't start posting pics of every guy, so I'm here just to claim what it's mine. So DON'T TOUCH HIM :evil: -> xlove xheat
  5. ParadiseES

    Best Big-5 entry

    Well, we can start the polls season. Big-5 is ready!
  6. ParadiseES

    Eurovision countries in high school

    I found this on a Spanish site about who the ESC countries would be in a high school class. It's so fun, so I wanted to translate it and share :lol: ::se Sweden Teachers' fave, all his mates hate him, but everyone...
  7. ParadiseES

    SEMI 2: Who was just missing out?

    Same thread. This prediction is much more difficult, but here we go: 11- FYR Macedonia 12- Belarus 13- Denmark 14- Norway 15- Ireland 16- Albania 17- Switzerland 18- Slovenia
  8. ParadiseES

    SEMI 1: Who was just missing out?

    So what's your prediction of the results of the non-qualifiers? Mine is: 11- Iceland 12- Greece 13- Montenegro 14- Bosnia & Herzegovina 15- Estonia 16- Finland 17- Moldova 18- San Marino
  9. ParadiseES


    COUP D'ETAT GUESSING GAME - HINTS: Hint #1: It is a city (2 guesses allowed - YOU CAN GUESS IN ONLY ONE OF SEMIS) Hint #2: COMING ON 3rd APRIL, EVENING Hey to everyone and welcome to one of the most popular forum games! xcheer I'm back once again as one of ESC Big Brother hosts. :D If you are...
  10. ParadiseES

    Predict the final ranking

    The one who will be closer to the real ranking will get an applause from ESCunited xclap My prediction: 1- ::se Sweden 2- ::ru Russia 3- ::be Belgium 4- ::it Italy 5- ::ee Estonia 6- ::lv Latvia 7- ::au Australia 8- ::no Norway 9- ::es Spain 10- ::ge Georgia 11- ::az Azerbaijan 12- ::sl...
  11. ParadiseES

    ESC BIG BROTHER 2015 | SEMI-FINAL 1 LAST ROUND!!! | Post to win HoH and PoV! | Deadline: 2nd April 22:59 CET

    ESC Big Brother 2015 has two big parts: 2 semi-finals and the big final. Semi-finals are completely equal to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 semi-finals, while The Final includes prequalified countries (the BIG 5 + host country + Australia) and 10 qualifiers from each Semi-Final. The last...
  12. ParadiseES

    (Classic) elimination game 2015

    This is the popular elimination game, but the classic one where people can save one song per post. CHANGE OF THE RULES: YOU CAN VOTE ONCE A NATURAL DAY (one vote from 0:01 to 23:59 CET). Votes will be checked everyday at the end of the day. Albania Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus...
  13. ParadiseES

    Allocation draw

    The pots have just been revealed -> Allocation draw: Pots revealed | Tomorrow, the allocation draw will determine which countries will take part in the respective semi finals. 16 countries will take part in semi 1 whereas there are 17 competitors in semi 2. The EBU has just...
  14. ParadiseES

    ESC 2015 Calendar

    December 2014 11th ::nl The Netherlands: Song presentation 26th ::al Albania: Festivali i Kënges - First semifinal 26th ::by Belarus: National Final 27th ::al Albania: Festivali i Kënges - Second semifinal 28th ::al Albania: Festivali i Kënges - Final January 2015 3rd ::lt Lithuania...
  15. ParadiseES

    Eurovision in Concert 2015

    Eurovision in Concert 2015 dates announced Eurovision in Concert 2015 dates announced | The crowd at Eurovision in Concert • Picture courtesy: Besides the main contest in May, another event has become more and more important to Eurovision fans in the...
  16. ParadiseES

    OGAE votes

    Traditional OGAE voting has started with the points from Belarus. This voting is so biased and we already know Sanna Nielsen is winning this but anyway :lol: ::by calling ::12 ::se ::10 ::am ::8 ::uk ::7 ::ie ::6 ::ru ::5 ::ua ::4 ::ch ::3 ::de ::2 ::sl ::1 ::at
  17. ParadiseES

    ESC BIG BROTHER 2014 ... Spicier Than Ever! ~ SEMI-FINAL 2 - Round 5 (Eviction) DEADLINE 30th March 22:59 CET

    IMPORTANT: all posts made in only this thread (these posts will have the bigger priority) + all posts made after this post (click on the word in red) will be used for choosing of the first 3 Head of Households, so don't forget to post here! RESULTS: ESC BIG BROTHER 2014 ... new rules, even...
  18. ParadiseES

    Best Mediterranean entry

    Another completed area of Europe. Pretty big this one :D Not gonna post all the songs cause there are too many and I guess we all know what are we voting :lol:
  19. ParadiseES

    Best Baltic entry

    This is the first block that is completed, so here we go 8-) ::ee TANJA - AMAZING ::lv AARZEMNIEKI - CAKE TO BAKE ::lt VILIJA MATACIUNAITE - ATTENTION
  20. ParadiseES

    Euro 2016

    Draw is now! POT 1: Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, England, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Bosnia & Herzegovina. POT 2: Ukraine, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland. POT 3: Serbia, Turkey, Slovenia, Israel, Norway, Slovakia, Romania, Austria...
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