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  1. dogmeat

    Live AATW Caribbean Results

    First votes coming up now, the rest this evening! I'm trying to add some small facts & trivia with each scoreboard xacademic Voting order: Rumia Tanoiro Tuzi Moisantia Balearica Island Öösingimaed Rehi Kaita Leyla Svobodnia Kamande Pyreica Yaponesia Emsfrynt Doire...
  2. dogmeat

    Pots (NSC 190 update)

    I'm making this thread because hosts often ask where the most recent pots are. Inner Pot 1 Arirang Balearica Island Moisantia Roseland Solentoya Tamausia & Deltannor Tanoiro Inner Pot 5 Calypso Doire New Bander State Orangualia Rahasia-Diati Inner Pot 6 Aimulli Kadis Kordavian Islands...
  3. dogmeat

    AATW Caribbean | Confirmation DDL: Saturday 19.02 24:00 CET | LL Sunday 20:00 CET

    Moisantia Kimmystan Tanoiro Kamande Bigicia Oosingimaed Emsfrynt Utopolis Solentoya Tamausia & Deltannor New Bander State Tuzi Balearica Island Leyla Doire Rehi Kaita Pyreica Rumia Svobodnia Oussou Empire Yaponesia
  4. dogmeat

    Spingrats 3 Results

    We listened to bits of 50 spinoffs, some of which remain relatively intact, but many were lost forever to the abyss of 404. Today we'll try to recover whatever we can with Wayback Machine
  5. dogmeat

    Spingrats 3! DDL 19.11.20 24:00 CET

  6. dogmeat

    Spingrats 3! Confirmations DDL 11.11 24:00 CET

    This spinoff congrats' theme is Fuck Tinypic! You may send any of your entries from the following spinoffs: Short But Sweet AATW Albania Gay, Gypsy and Jew <5000 Views Eurovision 2014 Karaoke Eurovision 2014 Country Randomiser 2 Doubles 4 Timewarp 2004 Anything 2 Boogenre Eurovision National...
  7. dogmeat

    Congrats 18 | DDL 14.06 24:00 CEST

    NSC 171 NSC 172 NSC 173 NSC 174 NSC 175 NSC 176 NSC 177 NSC 178 NSC 179 NSC 180 Voting system: 20 17 15 13 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  8. dogmeat

    Congo Rats 18 | Confirmations | DDL 31.05 24:00 CET

    The traditional celebration of each decade that passed! xcheers Send any of your entries that you entered to NSC 171-180 to @dogmeat proper artwork will come later. maybe
  9. dogmeat

    WV Spinoff 124 | Africavision 2 | Confirmation thread | DDL 18.05 24:00 CEST

    South Sudan Mali Cape Verde Egypt Nigeria Morocco Tunisia Tanzania Kenya Senegal Madagascar São Tomé and Príncipe Cameroon Gambia Algeria DR Kongo Zimbabwe Angola Sierra Leone Somalia Ghana* Uganda Burundi
  10. dogmeat

    Congrats 16 Results || NOW

    Next up: Waiting Iist Tomorrow 21:00 CET
  11. dogmeat

    Congrats 16 | Revisit NSC | DDL 01.09 24:00 CET

    NSC travelled all around the world last decade and so did the fans, press and delegations. Let's revisit those places, shall we? Voting system: 20 17 15 13 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Deadline: 01.09 24:00 CEST It seems I initially missed the entries sent to my on Skype. If you...
  12. dogmeat

    Congrats 16 | DDL 10.08 24:00 CET

    You can start sending entries by PM. All the stuff coming later.
  13. dogmeat

    Scorewhore Spinoff - RESULTS INSIDE

    Yaponesia DakhaBrakha feat. Jamala - Zamanili QuienDQ Kerli - Blossom Thodistan Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek New Bander State Kings Of Leon - Waste A Moment...
  14. dogmeat

    NSC 138 | Beauty of the Land | Final Results | 19:00 CET

    Final results will be fairly basic this time, due to time constraints. I didn't get votes from Meilutya, Pebbleland and Vedatistan.
  15. dogmeat

    NSC 138 | Beauty of the Land | Final | DDL:15.08 24:00 CET

    RECAP thanks to the courtesy of Yaponesia's broadcaster Deadline: 15.08 24:00 CET Send all your votes to me, via PM. If my inbox is full, send to [email protected] Don't send your votes by Skype Text version
  16. dogmeat

    NSC 138 Semifinal Results | IMPORTANT INFO!!!

    Everyone in semi 1 voted. Got reju votes from: Thodistan Ujedinjeni Gvozd Roseland Dalisska Waloria Kordavian Islands QuienDQ Reym-L-Dneurb Fervorosia !%PT# Ugaly Zaprya Waiting Iist Serenes Nallanot Rumia In semi 2 I didn't get votes from Pebbleland Luxona and Trash Canyon. Got reju votes...
  17. dogmeat

    NSC 138 | Beauty of the Land | Semifinal 2 | DDL 05.08 24:00

    Welcome again to the land of fire. And rum. And some more fire. The slogan of this edition is Beauty of the Land. We deeply believe Natia - from hot savannas to frosty tundras, from islands to mountaintops, from deserts to jungles - is a beautiful land and we would like us all to prove it...
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