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    Moldova MOLDOVA 2021 - Natalia Gordienko - Sugar

    I will go for the trashy extravaganza powered by the dream team, for sure!
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    Romania ROMANIA 2021 - Roxen - Amnesia

    :4: This is unforgettable and boring, imo. I might downgrade it at some point in the upcoming weeks.
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    Moldova MOLDOVA 2021 - Natalia Gordienko - Sugar

    Guys, I think the schedule for today changed. According to the offiical live stream (check Natalia's YouTube channel), it will start 21:00 MSK (which is like 2 hours ahead of CET). So I guess, we will have to wait tuntil 7 pm.
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    ESC Ranking 2021

    I needed to update it because it is such a RARE sight to have :be: on top of my ranking. THIS has never happened before but I'm afraid that #TeamSugar will destroy everyone at 6 pm and that's why I needed to give :be: some credit.. even though it's just for a few hours :D :12: :be: :ua: :fr...
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    Albania ALBANIA 2021 - Anxhela Peristeri - Karma

    After consulting my inner Eurovision bible, I had to downgrade it to :10: I love it - I still believe that most of the changes improved the song BUT... the Dubstep-ish part is really odd and doesn't really help the last chorus. The last chorus needs a richer arrangement to make a better impression.
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    Belgium BELGIUM 2021 - Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place

    :12: - Personally, I think it's the best Belgian entry since 2004 - The more I listen to it (I'm already on my 6th spin), the more I adore it. Maybe it's even my favourite Belgium entry ever. The verses are amazing, they catch your attention but I also believe that the chorus is great. Love the...
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    Greece GREECE 2021 - Stefania - Last Dance

    Yeah "Supergirl" was a :3: max. and the Greek team tried to sell it as a second coming of "Euphoria". I'll keep my fingers crossed for a HUGE improvement this time. Greece was my favourite Eurovision country in the 00's but the last decade was rather messy and trashy. I would like to see them...
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    Russia RUSSIA 2021

    ^^ These are probably three of 9 Russian artists Eurofans can think of - but they ditched Sergey, Dima and Polina to not make it seem too obvious that that list is fake.
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    Classic Elimination Game: Melodifestivalen 2021

    Safe: Kadiatou – One Touch WAHL feat. SAMI – 90-talet Elisa – Den du är Charlotte Perrelli – Still Young Eric Saade – Every Minute The Mamas - In the Middle Frida Green – The Silence Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – Rena rama ding dong Lovad – Allting är precis lidakant Tess Merkel – Good Life Clara...
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    Romania ROMANIA 2021 - Roxen - Amnesia

    I have listened to the song twice and honestly, I wanted to come back to this thread now to give it :5: pts in the poll but I completely forgot how it sounds. There's nothing memorable about this entry...and thus, I will wait for tomorrow's "premiere"/music video to make sure my ranking is fair...
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    OM 15 ❂ TASHKENT - UZBEKISTAN ❂ DEADLINE 08.03.2021 23:59 CET // Sponsored by RizaNova

    voted. good luck, everyone. flawless banners!
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    Romania ROMANIA 2021 - Roxen - Amnesia

    I agree with @Sammy and @mauve. I've already mentioned that I am disappointed by "Amnesia" - even though it's a decent and nicely produced track but even after listening to it again, I think it's neither remarkable nor memorable. There's no climax, no catchy hook, no impressive vocals.. To me...
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    Romania ROMANIA 2021 - Roxen - Amnesia

    This is a letdown. "Alcohol You" was great but I this time it's less memorable and in my option, I think that her voice sounds unnatural at many times throughout the song. I'd probably rank this :4: or :5: right now.
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    Belarus BELARUS 2021

    @nik92 Make Kazna apply for the Russian NF just in case!!!!
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    Slovenia SLOVENIA 2021 - Ana Soklič - Amen

    Haha, no. I was actually planning my trip to Slovenia - I even bought a guide book, etc. I just hope to travel when all this Covid-19 madness is over #Amen
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    Slovenia SLOVENIA 2021 - Ana Soklič - Amen

    I'm actually planning my trip to Slovenia right now and I really enjoyed the current conversation. I already took down notes what to eat in which region haha
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    Russia RUSSIA 2021

    Niletto's song included in that article is something I listen to on a daily basis. I just love that "Russian pop" style and I would be very deliriously happy if we can finally get something like that in Eurovision
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    Cyprus CYPRUS 2021 - Elena Tsangrinou - El Diablo

    Hilarious and ridiculous that the orthodox church demands to see El Diablo expunged as well. Are they stupid? They should go outside, get some fresh air and relax. They pretend like that harmless pop song dealing with a (bad) relationship is like a blasphemous song by Behemoth xD
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    Bulgaria BULGARIA 2021 - VICTORIA

    Ugly Cey Phantom Pain Dive Into Unknown Are out!!!
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    Poland POLAND 2021

    Haha, unfortunately, no - or at least, I'm not aware of it. To be fair, the last name of my Polish family sound more Jewish but I will not change to the Israeli flag since "Set Me Free" isn't a great entry either :D - Maybe I should do some DNA heritage test someday but I don't feel like sending...
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