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  1. Italy ITALY 2021

    Madame was the absolute best.
  2. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    I just hope the new person in charge is not from the Potap/Monatik/Badoev clan(s).
  3. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    Wow. I'm not sure how to react to this. Not that I was a huge fan of his, but who knows how his replacement will be. Like him or not, he's a big name in the industry. His absence might mean "big names" are more likely to avoid Vidbir now. Plus he really did try to create a varied and interesting...
  4. FSC #144 - February 2021: The Show! [Cehegín - Spain] | RESULTS from page 4

    :ua: votes are in our private forum.
  5. FSC #144 - February 2021: The Show! [Cehegín - Spain] | RESULTS from page 4

    Does anyone make a YouTube Playlist of the entries each month?
  6. Better, Equal, or Worse?

    Imo, all the countries thus far had a better song last year.
  7. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    On YouTube, when it was first announced as the entry, the likes/dislikes were 29k/1k. Now it's 60k/5.7k. Most of the negative comments are in Russian so I'm assuming most of those dislikes are too.
  8. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    I don't think that personally and I don't think that's what A-lister was saying. In general, fans always complain about all the songs in ESC being mainstream, similar and in English. You always hear how they want songs that are original, ethnic, non-English, etc. But whenever we do get a song...
  9. ESC UNITED FORUM RANKING GAME 2021 - ROUND SIX - Ends 06/03 23:59 CET!

    🇺🇸 12 Albania 🇦🇱 10 Israel 🇮🇱 8 France 🇫🇷
  10. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    1. Rano 2. Shum (has grown on me) 3. Tserkovka
  11. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    Snippets of the three songs submitted. Winner to be announced tomorrow.
  12. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    Was it the YUKO song that one of the NF jury members said they had asked EBU about and EBU said it was fine? (I vividly remember this episode but can't remember which song it was about.) Weren't the lyrics in the chorus in 1944 from an old folk song? I could be confusing all kinds of things...
  13. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    I fully expect one of the songs to be SHUM. Didn't YUKO take part in the NF with a folk song too, and that was deemed ok?
  14. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    The jury sounds surprisingly promising. I have faith they'll make the right decision.
  15. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    They're being unnecessarily vague about this song on social media, makes me worried it really is for ESC.
  16. Ukraine UKRAINE 2021 - Go_A - Shum

    Hope that's not the entry. It doesn't even have a chorus. Nor a proper structure. Doesn't go anywhere. And not the least bit memorable. Would flop HARD.
  17. FSC #142 - December 2020: The Show! [Etropole - Bulgaria] | RESULTS from page 3

    Wow, what a twist lol. Did not see that coming. What a cool surprise though. Congrats Turkey.
  18. FSC #142 - December 2020: The Show! [Etropole - Bulgaria] | RESULTS from page 3

    I was today years old when I learned Annie is Norwegian. I meant to suggest that song (or anything from the new album tbh) but I had assumed she was British.
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