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    JESC 2021

    After winning in Warsaw 2020, France will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021. So far, the following countries intend to participate: :fr: :ge: :de: :ie: :nl: :ru: :es:
  2. Mainshow

    Mainshow's Music Box | "RUSSIA" | OM 14 - Abdulkarim & Sogdiana - Koltso

    Welcome to Mainshow's Music Box - The Green Room of the biggest Godney fan on this forum planet. Below you will find all my submitted entries. The banners show pictures I took by myself when I had the opportunity to travel around Orient Matsuri hemisphere to bribe some jury members. :am...
  3. Mainshow

    Eurovision Song Contest 2020 – das deutsche Finale live aus der Elbphilharmonie

    Today it was revealed that the German broadcasters will host their own Song Contest featuring the 2020 songs! I know that we got similar previews shows from Spain, Austria and Iceland (for example) but why does the German format deserve an own thread? According to the executive producers and...
  4. Mainshow

    Mainshow's Eurovision Rankings + Alltime list

    I hope that I don't break any rules here but I would like to have a place where all my Top 10s + an all-time ranking of all Eurovision countries can be found. Scorewiz had been my favourite place to come up with my favourite countries in Eurovision but unfortunately, they have changed their...
  5. Mainshow

    Ranking: Your Favourite Entries Per Country (2010-2019)

    Here's the idea: Choose your favourite entry per country of this decade (2010-2019). After compiling a list of 46 entries, rank them and share it with us! These following countries did take part: ::al Albania ::am Armenia ::au Australia ::at Austria ::az Azerbaijan ::by Belarus ::be Belgium...
  6. Mainshow

    New songs/releases by former Eurovision entrants

    I thought it would be a nice idea to have a place on this forum where we can share new releases by former Eurovision contestants. I usually get quite lost when it comes to new releases from former participants... Even though I might have liked their entries.
  7. Mainshow

    Official compilation / CD 2019

    26th April, 2019 - the release of the official compilation "including all 42 participating countries" (according to the CD's cover). Are we going to get a new cover next month? Is MARUV's "Siren Song" still on CD? or did the EBU invite Kazakhstan to compete and bring the number of participants...
  8. Mainshow

    The old-school listening challenge

    Due to me having to face several exams in the few upcoming weeks & travelling around a bit afterwards, I should not watch many national finals + I will miss many of them and that's why I thought that it would be a refreshing idea to not listen to any national final songs or official entries...
  9. Mainshow

    Official Mascot

    Apparently, the Eurovision in Tel Aviv is about to get a mascot. Proposals have already been leaked online It's on an Israeli page on Facebook. There are plenty of proposals. It got posted by KAN, the Israeli broadcaster...
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