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  1. RomanFromRussia

    FSC #163 - September 2022: The Show! [Umeå - Sweden] | RESULTS from page 3

    Thank you for your effort, banners are great indeed! I look forward to listen too, it's cool that I see not that many names I know, so I am ready to discover new stuff.
  2. RomanFromRussia

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2023 - Mae Muller - I Wrote a Song

    I don't think UK needs well-known act at ESC tbh. The perfect option is Loic Nottet scenario. The no-name act with a powerful personality and talent to produce personal content instead of "seems to be safe", but generic one. Space man was my top-10, but still UK can get more interesting though.
  3. RomanFromRussia

    Join FSC - Sign Up Thread

    Username: Roman Country: Russia Did you read the FSC rules? : Yes.
  4. RomanFromRussia

    Denmark DENMARK 2023 - Reiley - Breaking My Heart

    I think the DR should increase the total amount of acts in the public stages of NF and give more artists the opportunity to perform on TV. Because it seems like DR wants to play safe and lives in illusion that it actually does. And this frames their vision of DMGP as an ESC-centric event in its...
  5. RomanFromRussia

    The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 2023 - Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper - Burning Daylight

    I loved the direction chosen with S10, it seems like dutch broadcaster goes like out of the box without any connections to charts or current music industry trends. Because, the "Eurovision format" doesn't exists as the way to success, but it exists as the framework for the choices that is kinda...
  6. RomanFromRussia

    Live ⭐ WV CONGRATS | Send your entry! ⭐

    Me and @Sultana are trying to respresent ::ru the best way possible. We are to collect the biggest NF ever made and decide about the most iconique option. All artists who supported the war or performed on Z-concerts are not even considered.
  7. RomanFromRussia

    Poland POLAND 2023 - Blanka - Solo

    I did some research on eastern Europe music, and these are my gold tbh
  8. RomanFromRussia

    Live ⭐ WV CONGRATS | Send your entry! ⭐

    ME in ::ru Back up ::pl @Sultana let's go with smth iconique
  9. RomanFromRussia

    Poland POLAND 2023 - Blanka - Solo

    Would love to see some indie stuff like Kwiat Jabloni, The Dumplings, Ofelia or Rakovicky. I do understand, it may not finish high or be understood well, but this is polish la classe which deserves to be shown to wider audiences.
  10. RomanFromRussia

    Russia RUSSIA 2021 - Manizha - Russian Woman

    Manizha is a great artist, I’m glad to see her performing the song fits her the most. Song itself has Russian ethnic & oriental vibes, hip-hop parts. RUSSIAN LYRICS ARE NOT CRINGEY IT HAPPENED. This is my fave Russian entry along with 2001, 2007 & 1994. What disappoints me is the fact that she...
  11. RomanFromRussia


    Hey there, I’m here again. Votes from Russia: ::12 ::dk ::10 ::be ::8 ::it ::7 ::is ::6 ::ch ::5 ::au ::4 ::de ::3 ::ua ::2 ::fr ::1 ::at
  12. RomanFromRussia

    RUSSIA 2010 - The Pyotr Nalich band - Lost And Forgotten Gotta post it just because I can. 2010 wasn’t a safe entry, but it has its place in my heart. One of the coolest and extraordinary entries ever from Russia. Along with Manizha, Mumiy Troll and Maria Kaz.
  13. RomanFromRussia

    Belarus BELARUS 2021 - not taking part

    You know what, let this ehm band in. Let them pay fees and I don’t know how but, I would like EBU to find a way to donate all the money earned from BTRC and self declared government to democracy advocating organizations. Such as ByPol. I think, this can be a solution.
  14. RomanFromRussia

    Norway NORWAY 2021 - TIX - Fallen Angel

    Got back, cause I can. And I need to say a couple of things here. WE. NEED. JURIES. As an institute. All this bullsh*t about their Swedish-Australian-Maltese bias is not about them as an institute, it is a thing about the certain persons in it. They need to balance quality & entertainment in...
  15. RomanFromRussia

    The Netherlands Eurovision 2020 Grand Final - RESULTS: 25th April 21:00 CEST in Twitch

    Crazy & Hot experience. I'm so glad to be back at the forum and to be involved in suge adventure (subscribe my insta y'all @dashkevicz lol). Thank you everyone for warm commetns and thank you @Trece for the spectacular show.
  16. RomanFromRussia

    Eurovision 2020 Online - The Jury

    Guess Who’s Back Forum nickname: RomanFromRussia Country: Ural Republic oh sorry RUSSIA Hoj: yep
  17. RomanFromRussia


    Re: Italy | Giusy Ferreri NF cannot be older than ESC <3
  18. RomanFromRussia


    Re: Italy | OPTIONS INSIDE THE TOPIC What would you like to see at WV from Italia? Choose the option you like the most. The options are: Alternative / Indie Pop / Indie Folk / Electronic Indie Pop / Indie Folk / Electronic / Ambient Pop / Rock / Midtempo Pop / Ballad Dance / EDM / Funky
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