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  1. EscGeek

    (... so maybe this is the) General Discussion Thread

    Think about how toxic the news reports and people on social media would have been in the days/weeks after the 2022 final if Osterdahl straight up said that they dissmissed the rigged jury votes. I think this situation was handeled perfectly: Casual viewers saw the show and they moved on, today...
  2. EscGeek

    (... so maybe this is the) General Discussion Thread

    Some people hate tiktok because it's from China, some people hate it becasue it's popular with the youth. For me it's because of its short-form vertical, mobile friendly format. In any case, #cringe:mrgreen:
  3. EscGeek

    Hottest Eurovision 2024 participants

    This is escunited forum, not freeones forum.. it's okay:mrgreen:
  4. EscGeek

    (... so maybe this is the) General Discussion Thread

    Why do group photos like the one above make me think i'm on a first name basis with the artists? Anyone else guilty of this? :lol: In any case, i hope they have lots of fun regardless of the resultxheya
  5. EscGeek

    (... so maybe this is the) General Discussion Thread

    Very true. But i don't see the 2008-09 system to be very transparent and i don't want it back
  6. EscGeek

    (... so maybe this is the) General Discussion Thread

    But what if two or more jury faves all flop the televote? All but one would fail to qualify. In a 50-50 system they would at least have a fair chance, and in a 100% televoting system their losses wouldn't even feel wrong.
  7. EscGeek

    Hottest Eurovision 2024 participants

    Last year this thread was created too early, now it's been two weeks and still nothing? Come on guys!:ROFLMAO: I'll get the ball rollingxheat
  8. EscGeek

    Armenia ARMENIA 2024 - Ladaniva - Jako

    I guess Bosnia and Croatia in 1993?
  9. EscGeek

    Armenia ARMENIA 2024 - Ladaniva - Jako

    Those lei's and la's got old pretty quickly... I hope they'll use the extra 35 seconds to do something on stage... :unsure:
  10. EscGeek

    Austria AUSTRIA 2024 - Kaleen - We Will Rave

    ::at is the first country to be in my top 3 for three consecutive years in modern esc history (2004 and beyond)xheya Turns out you don't need a duo to impress me like i thought on page 1 :mrgreen:
  11. EscGeek

    Cyprus CYPRUS 2024 - Silia Kapsis - Liar

    The only reason some people genuinely think she's not qualifying is because Victor crashed and burned last year. For others it's just wishful thinking:LOL:
  12. EscGeek

    (... so maybe this is the) General Discussion Thread

    Hell no! That 2008-09 system sucked. I'd rather have a 50-50 system back than a few people collectively agreeing that only one song is worth saving.
  13. EscGeek

    Euro 2024

    Iceland decided to release their eurovision frustration on Israel :ROFLMAO:
  14. EscGeek

    Czech Republic CZECHIA 2024 - Aiko - Pedestal

    The use of green screen so that the new part doesn't look out of place is hilarious to me. I don't blame them at all, it's just something i noticed :lol: I believe in her to improve vocally, but i just prefer more classic rock structure in a song. That being said, if i were santa, czechia...
  15. EscGeek

    (... so maybe this is the) General Discussion Thread

    6/10 countries in my top 10 of 2022 are in my top 10 this year & 6/10 countries in my bottom 10 of 2022 are in my bottom 10 as well:p
  16. EscGeek

    Running order predictions

    1-Ukraine 2-Poland 3-Cyprus 4-Serbia 5-Ireland 6-Lithuania 7-Croatia 8-Moldova 9-Australia 10-Slovenia 11-Iceland 12-Azerbaijan 13-Finland 14-Portugal 15-Luxembourg 1-Austria 2-Albania 3-Czechia 4-Denmark 5-Armenia 6-Switzerland 7-Malta 8-Greece 9-Latvia 10-Georgia 11-San Marino 12-Israel...
  17. EscGeek

    France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    La Zarra reminds me of Mia for attention instead of making more content fans actually want to see/hearxrofl
  18. EscGeek

    ESC Ranking 2024

    01-::nl Netherlands 11-::it Italy 21-::mt Malta 31-::az Azerbaijan 02-::fi Finland 12-::lu Luxembourg 22-::cz Czechia 32-::al Albania 03-::at Austria 13-::cy Cyprus 23-::se Sweden 33-::rs Serbia 04-::ge Georgia 14-::ie Ireland 24-::dk Denmark 34-::pt Portugal 05-::ee Estonia 15-::no...
  19. EscGeek

    The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 2024 - Joost Klein - Europapa

    My 2024 winner is officially ::nl The Netherlands xyaaay I had a good feeling about it since he was announced. And when Ollie lost in Estonia i knew that my personal winner will come from an internal selection. But there was still a risk.. I didn't want Joost to go too avant-garde in his...
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