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  1. Austria AUSTRIA 2023 - Teya & Salena - Who the Hell is Edgar?

    Not good running order, but also this songs get probably helped a lot in semifinal 2 that Sweden, Finland, Norway and Israel was in semi 1. In final all the best songs from semi 1 come after and Austria get lost. I think they did a good job, but i was not very surpriced that they did not success...
  2. Denmark DENMARK 2023 - Reiley - Breaking My Heart

    Yeah i.m are not sure at all that Finland or Sweden would vote for it. Also could see Norway give this 0 points. Iceland is the nordic country who vote most for Denmark
  3. The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 2023 - Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper - Burning Daylight

    Hopefully The Netherlands will learn for this. But I,m sad for Mia and Dion. Not easy to take the Blame and know the star Duncan run away
  4. Estonia ESTONIA 2023 - Alika - Bridges

    Amazing top 10 for Estonia. But i,m sure that she get helped to be only women with a classic ballad. Still she was awesome last night and i was so happy to see her in top 10. Still i like Olie better, but i can,t take away that Estonia did do a really good choise. Big Congratz from Norway...

    Alika was AWESOME toginht. Was close to get tears after her performent:love::love:

    I really like Switzerland. First songs tonight i get a feeling about. Hopefully he get some points tonight
  7. Estonia ESTONIA 2023 - Alika - Bridges

    Good luck to Alika and Estonia. Hopefully the jury will give her a good result and she will get some points in televoting tonight
  8. Norway NORWAY 2023 - Alessandra - Queen of Kings

    Soon final and first time i,m not very nervous. If we get top 10 i would be quite happy with that. If not then Alessandra is doing a good job and Europe vote for other songs. A little bit sad that both Sweden and Finland is so strong this year and could hurt our chances
  9. Poland POLAND 2023 - Blanka - Solo

    Yeah and probably Ireland and Norway diaspora also will vote for her. We always give Poland small points in final and this year we only have 2 nordic country who will take a lof ot the voters. So i would not be surprice if Poland get 5 points from Norway

    Veru happy with the result. Albania had a very good live performent and Estonia and Lithuania was my top 2 :D Sad Iceland is out, but the songs was not very strong and Denmark was a right NQ

    Monika did her job and Lithuania will easy Q tonight. She was really good. Also Albania and Austria did do a great job

    3 really bad songs. Hopefully Alika will slay
  13. Latvia LATVIA 2023 - Sudden Lights - Aijā

    A good points but also some country do have a big favore because of neighbrothers. Like my country Norway who get 15 free points from Finland and Sweden a least. And Serbia who get probably 20-24 points free from Croatia and Switzerland. Malta, Latvia and Ireland have no friends in semifinal...
  14. Who finished last in Semifinal 1??

    Well i could see people in Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Malta give them some points. But i would not be surprice if Ireland. I could also see Latvia getting last place. Don,t think Malta or The Netherlands was last
  15. Who finished last in Semifinal 1??

    Going for Azerbaijan.
  16. Latvia LATVIA 2023 - Sudden Lights - Aijā

    Yeah and the worst part is that Latvia really would have need a final. Why should country like Latvia and Malta complete when they always get voted out and Croatia and Serbia with crazy songs get final. I,m afraid this could mean that some country will ask them selv why should we take part? And...
  17. Latvia LATVIA 2023 - Sudden Lights - Aijā

    Every year Latvia, Malta and Ireland get voted out. Also this year. Very sad, but we all see this happen. But i was expected that. The odds is often correct and that is not good for Eurovision Sorry Latvia. This did not deserved it
  18. Estonia ESTONIA 2023 - Alika - Bridges

    Well it really sucks if she not made it. I,m are pretty sure that Ollie and Monsters would both have made it. On the other hand i still think it going to be a lot of people in age 45 + who like this best and will vote for it. The bad news is that Stefan get much more votes last year in final and...
  19. Your mum's favourite

    Last points from Norway Show Adresse Liverpool 12 is best and 1 is worst mum, dad and me Sverige 7,7 og 6 Belgia 6,5 og 5 Spania 3, 5 og 1 San Marino 4, 3, 3 Litauen 10, 6 og 12 Irland 10, 8 og 7 Kypros 8, 8 og 12 Romania 3, 3 og 2 Moldova 3, 2 og 7 Dad and mum has both Switzerland on top and...
  20. Latvia LATVIA 2023 - Sudden Lights - Aijā

    My point was more that some of the songs could end up that people love Croatia, Serbia and Finland. But they vote only for let,s say Finland. When a lot of people do that. That could mean that Finland get lotes of votes. But Croatia and Serbia don,t get many votes and if many only vote for 1...
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