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  1. alca

    Kate Ryan 2017

    I'm surprised nobody made this topic. So who's it gonna be? My guess it's Belgium and/or Portugal.
  2. alca

    Have you ever heard of the term "eurofan", referring to an ESC fan?

    Have you ever heard of the term "eurofan", referring to an ESC fan and NOT to a € lover or European football lover? I had a discussion with Stargazer and I thought it was well known. It turns out it might be only to certain countries. Definitely in Greece. :p
  3. alca

    Summer lounge/chill out/relaxing tracks

    Guys I need your help. I am looking for relaxing SUMMER songs. Songs that as soon as they start playing you bring to mind summer cool/hot nights, walks at the beach etc. Eg Andain - You Once Told Me Eg Sebastian - Sleeping Satellite I repeat, relaxing summer songs and not instrumentals! Anyone? :D
  4. alca


    Ok dear Danish friends! Please post here any links of websites that you can find accomodation. For example an apartment to rent just for those 2 weeks or something like that. And anything that you hear. :) I know it's early but it's better to start organizing these things.
  5. alca

    Anyone knows why this is happening?

    It's been 3-4 days since this started happening. For some reason the text appears like this sometimes. And it's really irritating... I have to select the text, or scroll down or something to make it look "normal". Does anybody know why this is happening and how I can fix it? :(
  6. alca

    Japanese members

    Are there any Japanese members here? I need help with an ebay-ish japanese website! Anyone???
  7. alca

    The new animated Eurovision logo

    So horrible! xpuke
  8. alca

    "This Account Has Been Suspended"

    I almost got a heart attack! I always keep myself logged in so I just click the bookmark on my firefox to enter the forum and I got this message! "This Account Has Been Suspended" Refreshed it a few times and still the same! As soon as I made the post on the facebook group (thank God we have...
  9. alca

    Do you think the outfits affect the final placing of an entry?

    I saw a post on a facebook group. A guy wants to write an article about some ESC outfits that (may have) affected the final placing of the entry. What do you guys think? Does the outfit make you win or lose some points? I think yes! Quoting myself from my blog post about Pastora Soler: And...
  10. alca

    Kate Ryan of 2012

    Let's have it! What do you think? :D Who's gonna be the Kate Ryan of 2012?
  11. alca

    The dress rehearsal clips

    So every time I'm searching for the icelandic entry of 1997, the first video that pops up on youtube is the dress rehearsal clip. Back then they were releasing those clips in public. Why don't they do that any more? I know during the rehearsals there are cameras in the arena etc but it's not the...
  12. alca

    Need help from Polish people (and not only!)

    01. Andreea Banica Feat. Play & Win - Sexy (Radio Edit) 02. Enrique Iglesias Feat. Usher, Lil Wayne & Nayer - Dirty Dancer (Remix) 03. Helena Paparizou Vs Supermarkets - Baby Its Over(Radio Edit) 04. Jennifer Lopez - Charge Me Up 05. Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory 06. Captain Jack - How Does It...
  13. alca

    Marija Serifovic married?!

    I was watching a video on youtube and saw this comment: Can somebody tell me what's going on here?
  14. alca

    Kate Ryan of 2011

    OK I had this conversation yesterday and I'd like to see what you guys think. Who will be 2011's Kate Ryan? Some people say Hungary's Kati Wolf and some others say Croatia's Daria Kizer. Only the thought of Kati Wolf being disqualified terrifies me. And I'm afraid she will be the one if she...
  15. alca

    Need some help from the spanish members here

    Toñi Salazar released a new album with the title "Zero Azucar". I've been looking around for a long time but I can't find the tracklist. You guys who are from Spain can search in spanish sites and maybe find the tracklist. I only know that track no1 is called Dame and track no6 is La Caña De...
  16. alca

    The worst ESC of the 00's

    So which year do think it was the worst? Personally I don't like 2007. It's like the black year of the ESC (if there's such thing in english). It feels so strange when I recall 2007. I don't know.... I don't like listening to songs of 2007 even though I had 4-5 favourites. :roll: :roll:
  17. alca

    Need some help with a song

    [youtube:4ssk8wd0]aQf5EXjvvYk[/youtube:4ssk8wd0] Please can you help me find out who sings that version of Fame? I have listened to the original and it doesn't sound like Irene Cara to me on this one although when I found the song it had the name Irene Cara - Fame.
  18. alca

    Presentation of votes

    I made this poll in the old forum so I thought to make it again to see your opinion now. :) I miss the old voting presantation. You know... 1 point goes to... 2 points go to.. etc I miss the excitment of that voting. I was like: "Oh my God! Where is the next point going to?" I don't mind if...
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