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  1. Edward

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2021 - The Black Mamba - Love is on My Side

    I'll start by adressing the semis first. In my opinion the first semi was stronger than the second one. Which seems to be the opposite of the popular opinion so I am not surprised. The first semi had my favorite song, Mundo by IAN. By this I don't mean that it was the best song on FdC this...
  2. Edward

    Hungary HUNGARY 2018 - AWS - Viszlát nyár

    RIP Örs. I was just revisiting your band earlier this week out of a nostalgia trip of my own and was devastated to hear about your passing today. Man. I revisit A Dal 2018 which will always remain as the most special ESC NF to me for personal reasons. I will never forget how Örs' charisma and...
  3. Edward

    I hope you're ok my friend. I thought of you immediately when I heard of the sad news :( xrunhug

    I hope you're ok my friend. I thought of you immediately when I heard of the sad news :( xrunhug
  4. Edward

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2020 - Elisa - Medo de Sentir

    No matter how confusing or how much you disagree with my comment, I am pretty sure that it was far more of a contribution to this forum than the repetitive fangirling from a clueless kid or the brainless hyena reacting to your commentary... I wish we had more insightful people around these...
  5. Edward

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2020 - Elisa - Medo de Sentir

    This semi was so underwhelming, I was disappointed from the get-go with my "favorites" Dubio+351. That staging was very disappointing. The make up choice for that "lobotomy mask" threw me right away firstly. Then that whole interpretive dancing and hidden modern message within the song...I just...
  6. Edward

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2020 - Elisa - Medo de Sentir

    No sh! I thought they were trying to dig her grave with all those wide shots :D Nice try. As for Blasted, their actual singer is not Portuguese? I knew something sounded very off from the very first lines. Words were missing or mispelled. If so, no surprise. But honestly I just thought he was...
  7. Edward

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2020 - Elisa - Medo de Sentir

    LOL Blasted got blasted :ROFLMAO: Barbienxheart All yours now P.S. To be fair, I thought Blasted had the most appealing ESC staging so I'm not just some blind hater. I did think however their song was pretty flat, apart from the Portuguese guitar lick bit. Bárbara deserves it so much, so...
  8. Edward

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2020 - Elisa - Medo de Sentir

    Reading through some comments on this thread and another reminds me of the reason I seldomly come to the forums these days. The ignorant vitriol just gets worse and worse with time. Anyway, want to try to see if anyone knows if the semi will be streamed anywhere online? How will non-Portuguese...
  9. Edward

    Hungary HUNGARY 2020 - not taking part

    Woah, what happened to the forums and when? Thanks for the informative post @balizeg. My traditional review of the night despite A Dal being irrelevant to this year's ESC, sadly: So the winner gets 8M forint and a spot on Strand Festival (Sziget?) as far as I understood? First things first...
  10. Edward

    Birth year & country of birth contest challenge - Deadline 26/06

    I had this game idea a couple of months ago but never tried to materialize it since I'm not sure if it's that interesting to the rest of you. But I suppose it's somewhat original and worth giving a try (sorry my 4th placed NF songs contest friends, I'll get around to that one later on). I took...
  11. Edward

    4th placed NF songs contest (Semi 1 open - deadline 12/5)

    Due to popular demand let's proceed with electing the best fourth placed song from this year's national selections. I'll be following the official ESC draws to allocate the songs into 2 semis & the final. Some countries will be missing it, as usual, due to having chosen their song via internal...
  12. Edward

    3rd placed NF songs contest (Game over!)

    Time to elect the best third placed song from this year's national selections then. I'll try to follow again the official ESC draws to make 2 semis. Obviously some countries will be left out once more due to their internal selection processes. The big 5 are advancing automatically to the final...
  13. Edward

    Evolution of your 2019 taste

    So I've used MrGerbear's wonderful tool the very same day I first listened to all songs of this year's ESC. That was a couple of weeks ago or so. It was a ranking based on first impressions pretty much. Now that my opinions of this year's songs have become more solid I had a go at it again...
  14. Edward

    National elevens (Serbia week)

    Since the first round of qualifiers to Euro 2020 have just gone by this idea for a game seems fitting to me. Let's imagine you can be the manager for your country at Eurovision and select the 11 songs from the all time-roster, be able to choose those that make you the most proud! What's that...
  15. Edward

    2nd placed NF songs contest (Done & dusted!)

    Let's elect the best runner-up from this year's national selections. Depending on the response to this game we can do for 3rd placed songs afterwards and so on. Perhaps we can have a little "best internal selection" contest as well if it's more appealing than this sort of contest. I'll try to...
  16. Edward

    Classic Elimination Game 2019

    Still not done for this year. The rules: save one country per post. The last country that is unsaved is eliminated. The limit: You can vote once in a day (00:00 - 23:59 GMT). Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Cyprus Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia...
  17. Edward

    2018 vs. 2019

    A yearly exercise that I like to do soon after all ESC songs are revealed is comparing whether I like the songs from each country better than the one sent the previous year. So basically state whether you think this year's songs are better or worse than last year (and feel free to add whichever...
  18. Edward


    Re: Australia ✸ WV 100 ✸ Ⅳ ♔ & ::au ✸ ɐɯǝu + November NF Wolves vs Dogs! Sadly don't think I'll have the time to vote but got a blast from the past when I saw Eskimo Joe were in. Cool band. Goaheadandchoosethem xwhistlexbored
  19. Edward

    Hurt & Heal 2018

    Surprised no one did this for this year. Rules are the same as always, +1 for "healing" and -2 for "hurting" (which you can split, if you will). Try to keep it fair by voting once a day. If you've never played this game before, here's an example from a past edition. Now let's find the forum...
  20. Edward

    Best non-English language entry 1999-2018 » Voting for 4th round is over. Results coming soon

    Decided to revive this game from my now long gone first times around the forum. We never finished it then but I hope it can be done this time. A little reminder of what it is all about from the original thread. Then I wrote: All of this still seems up to date and explains well the idea behind...
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