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  1. Jacketh

    American Song Contest to launch in 2021/2022

    Rumours were floating around the last couple of days, but it has been confirmed now. Didn't know what subforum would be appropriate for this :lol: Thoughts?
  2. Jacketh

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    I think Felix will return with a bop this time and probably win it. ...another young male for Sweden though would be a choice :lol:
  3. Jacketh

    Predict the final 26

    I don't think there is a thread like this... is there? Now we know the final 26, anyone want to stick their head out for a final 26 prediction? What a bizarre year.
  4. Jacketh

    Who do you THINK will win ESC 2018?

    Sorry if there is a thread like this - but I can't find one. This isn't about who you want to win, lets try and put personal bias aside. Will offer up my thoughts later!
  5. Jacketh

    The Venue & Host city

    I created this this time last year and we had that very long wait. With first the rumours of a stadium, Lyiv, etc. We eventually ended up in Kiev, which seems to me did a fine job! I'm sure that the Portuguese guys on here will keep us updated on their thoughts on where we could be heading next...
  6. Jacketh

    Predict the top 26!

    Will do my soon 8-)
  7. Jacketh

    The Three Way Battle: Italy v Portugal v Bulgaria

    I hope this is allowed! All the hype on Tuesday was Portugal. It came into contention, and was at one point favourite. It's now sitting comfortably in second place following Italy. Today, it was Bulgaria's turn. Kristian slayed, and his odds have rapidly come down too - helped by the second...
  8. Jacketh

    Your favourite song in the last two contests?

    If you had to pick just one song from 2015 or 2016, what would it be and why? I'm kinda curious to see how this turns out. From my observations is that 2016 was a better year in overall quality (i.e, there wasn't really that many bad songs)... but most people prefer 2015 because they had songs...
  9. Jacketh

    Returning Artists - How likely?

    It is quite rare that it does happen or is successful, particularly when they've already had success... but one thing that often happens with a ESC winner (particularly the last couple of years with Conchita and Mans especially), is that they won the contest, had huge, prominent roles when their...
  10. Jacketh

    The Venue 2017

    I don't anticipate much discussion about this, but unless I'm completely missing something that has been built since 2005, it seems like we'll be back at The Palace of Sports :? Ugly ass building. But hey, I suppose its Kiev, and I hope they can do a good job with the staging and whatnot. I...
  11. Jacketh

    Who was your toilet break?

    I had to go twice, and went during Azerbaijan and Croatia. Pretty satisfied with that. :D
  12. Jacketh

    Do you want the voting presentation to remain for next year?

    Hope this thread is okay, as its more about next year! I've put a poll up, and I'm fascinated to see how many people were won over by it tonight: "system" is referring to the presentation, as obviously there hasn't been no change in the system of assigning points, its still 50/50.
  13. Jacketh

    Bookmakers Odds: Russia still leading

    There is probably a thread somewhere about the bookmakers odds but I can't seem to find anything recently. I'm really quite amazed Russia is still out front, especially by that margin. I don't think the reaction to the Semi Final was that good, and everywhere I see it doesn't lead the polls...
  14. Jacketh

    Is this is a weak year?

    Anyone else kinda feel a little..., well not down, but slightly disappointed so far this year? I didn't have very high expectations going into it after listening on YouTube, and tonight did nothing to make me change my mind. As I said on the other thread: I think a reason why it is such a...
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