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  1. Alevender

    2024 predictions

    Less countries than this year.
  2. Alevender


    @Uto post #1 has been updated. Some members have changed their pots according to voting patterns in last editions, meanwhile Baden-Wurttemberg @daniels1000, California @lavieenrose and Argentina @Tinchey have been moved to F and E respectively.
  3. Alevender


    168 169
  4. Alevender


    I am still at work. I will update it today, but it will be late.
  5. Alevender

    Who will you vote for?

    20x ::am
  6. Alevender

    Who will qualify from Semifinal 2?

    9/10. When both Albania and Estonia were announced, I knew it was Georgia going to be the one not making it.
  7. Alevender

    Albania ALBANIA 2023 - Albina & Familja Kelmendi - Duje

    Duje is not among my favorites this year but I am really happy for ::al that they have made it. Amazing performance and well-deserved qualification.
  8. Alevender

    Who finished last in Semifinal 2??

    FTFY :)
  9. Alevender

    Latvia LATVIA 2023 - Sudden Lights - Aijā

    It was a great performance and Sudden Lights definitely did not embarrass Latvia unlike Samanta Tina or PeR. As band that has matured so much in recent years they are going to have a great career in Latvia no matter the result gotten here. Citi Zēni, Musiqq and Triana Park are great examples...
  10. Alevender

    Who will qualify from Semifinal 2?

    #01 ::at #02 ::au #03 ::am #04 ::pl #05 ::cy #06 ::lt #07 ::sl #08 ::be #09 ::ge #10 ::al #11 ::gr #12 ::dk #13 ::ee #14 ::ro #15 ::is #16 ::sm
  11. Alevender

    Who will qualify from Semifinal 1?

    #01 ::fi #02 ::se #03 ::il #04 ::md #05 ::pt #06 ::no #07 ::rs #08 ::cz #09 ::hr #10 ::ch #11 ::nl #12 ::lv #13 ::mt #14 ::az #15 ::ie
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  13. Alevender


  14. Alevender


    @Gera11 post #1 updated.
  15. Alevender

    WV 167 | Send your entry!

    Permanent ban coming your way.
  16. Alevender

    WV 167 | Send your entry!

    CONFIRMED ENTRIES 39 :es: :fr: :cy: :it: :ro: :nl: :cn: :ir: ::nuna :jp: :rs: :ar: :hu: :ru: ::sudo :ca: :is: :ua: :br: :bg: :se: :pt: :seou: :svea: :de: :no: ::noir :pe: :west: :hr: :pl: :al: :us: :kr: :uk: :ie: :lv: :be: French Polynesia No entry from: ::kz
  17. Alevender


    @Fierro check the 1st post, pots have been updated.
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