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  1. Loindici

    EUROVISION 2023 - General Discussion thread

    And that 2nd rate K-Pop was written by Cazzi Opeia, who also wrote... xpolice
  2. Loindici

    Serbia SERBIA 2024

    I feel we're heading there. PZE has a clear direction, is fresh, and I expected an upgrade sooner or later. Point no. 5 seems good considering the current jury inconsistency we had seen.
  3. Loindici

    Croatia CROATIA 2024

    DORA is geting more and more boring each year, but I don't know if things will be better. The popular Croatian songs in the Billboard Croatian Songs are just... well... a reflection of what I don't want to see, I suppose, so yeah, I don't know shat's gonna be better for Croatia.
  4. Loindici

    Poland POLAND 2024

    Half of me wants an internal selection but the other half anticipates another mess that is Serce Europy 2024. It's gonna be hard to admit but TVP knows how to create interesting mess.
  5. Loindici

    Georgia GEORGIA 2024

    I think being on a limited budget doesn't excuse them from not crafting a good song. I'd consider Czech Republic (and Ukraine to an extent) to be on a similar budget problem yet can provide a considerable good selection of songs that succeeds in the contest. Hence, even with a tight budget...
  6. Loindici

    Norway NORWAY 2024

    I forgot to mention I was referring mostly to the show's quality. Norway is the next bigger Scandi music exporter after Sweden, hence songwriting camps are sort of 'cultural' for them. On the other hand, no-names or talent show buds are pretty often in other Eurovision selections as well...
  7. Loindici

    Latvia LATVIA 2024

    Now I'm not sure if Latvia's selection weren't that good or if it's catered to the wrong audience. But I have a feeling it also comes to their stagings and oftentimes they didn't deliver something captivating enough for the viewers.
  8. Loindici

    Georgia GEORGIA 2024

    Georgia, oh, Georgia. I don't know what you would bring now, or what you would do now. The biggest problem with Georgia is how, even with how serious they took the contest, is their entry. Unique; different; but not palatable, neither to juries nor to the public. The longer process they ever...
  9. Loindici

    Greece GREECE 2024

    I want Greece to be serious again, perhaps? Doesn't really mean they haven't been, but 2023 brought all expectations downhill and I don't know what to expect in 2024.
  10. Loindici

    Greece GREECE 2024

    But seriously, what actually happened with Victor? Are the rumors that his parent paid for his participation even true? xcoffee P.S. I just learned he's half Danish. ERT must have a kink for fusion Greek dishes these several years.
  11. Loindici

    Norway NORWAY 2024

    The Melodi Grand Prix is one of the most well-put song festivals we have here. I only wish they could keep up with the quality they always serve.
  12. Loindici

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2024

    If that is the case, I hope BBC would give a more convincing offer for TaP. The collaboration seems to provide better selection of representatives and ensures them with better management. I'm doubtful of how plausible this is, but I feel TaP might reconsider if there's a positive attitude...
  13. Loindici

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2024

    With the 25th place (?) and a top 10 at OC this year, do you think BBC will continue their partnership with Tap? Tap gave us a full package in 2022 and a competent song in 2023, but the Big 5 aside of Italy seems Georgia-inconsistent when it comes to selections, and oftentimes easily discouraged...
  14. Loindici

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2024

    I'm kind of interested in seeing what form of composer selection were used in the last five Festival da Cancao. So here's a little breakdown of it. Year No. Of composers By Invitation Other methods Winner 2019 16 14 1 Masterclass 1 open call By Invitation 2020 16 14 1 Masterclass 1 open...
  15. Loindici

    France FRANCE 2024

    I support this idea of signing a famous French name, but I'm also considering the perks of Alexandra Redde-Amiel (ARA) as an HoD. I've read something here that, when ARA has a clear vision towards a specific artist, ARA will make sure her ambition is executed properly. That would mean an...
  16. Loindici

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2024

    Mop I was just asking for a PoC representative for the UK and it comes to this :cry: I am sorry that I brought the white-centric part when it's not necessary. But again, if we're picking by merits of song and performer, even Lianne La Havas, FLO, Grimes, Ella Mai, or FKA Twigs could be good...
  17. Loindici

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2024

    Yeah, that works too. But that can be said about Australia as well, logically.
  18. Loindici

    Armenia ARMENIA 2024

    When it comes to Armenia, they really nailed it with sending actual good stuffs. David Tserunyan has been such a celebrity HoD at this point. Armenia, just continue sending great entries. And if I have some suggestions, there are two K-Pop songs that might be a good moodboard for their next...
  19. Loindici

    Germany GERMANY 2024

    I will support this with my full heart. He's proven how a good of a performer he is!
  20. Loindici

    Germany GERMANY 2024

    And we though they're real SISTERS!
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