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  1. Oshawott

    Croatia CROATIA 2024

    He recently said that his ultimate goal is the ESC stage. Welp.
  2. Oshawott

    Croatia CROATIA 2024

    Maybe she'll write a song for her bestie Marco Cuccurin. 🥶🥶
  3. Oshawott

    Croatia CROATIA 2024

    Can't wait to see if Dora will produce a qualifier. Until then, stream Miach.
  4. Oshawott

    Bosnia & Herzegovina BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA 2024

    I would love to see it but we all know their comeback won't happen just yet. They have to pay for the fee and give back millions to the EBU.
  5. Oshawott

    Sweden SWEDEN 2023 - Loreen - Tattoo

    Horrible song, great performance.
  6. Oshawott

    Germany GERMANY 2023 - Lord of the Lost - Blood and Glitter

    Only Yvonne Catterfeld can save Germany from this misery.
  7. Oshawott

    Croatia CROATIA 2023 - Let 3 - Mama ŠČ!

    And he run over a man with his car and killed him. He should be walking freely on the streets of Croatia, let alone at the ESC stage. Back on topic: Are we ready for yet another 11th place in the semi?
  8. Oshawott


    From :hr: :12: :ru: :10: :sm: :8: :az: :7: :it: :6: :rs: :5: :ua: :4: :au: :3: :sl: :2: :il: :1: :mk: I edited my post a few times because I couldn't get the code for Israel right. I hope that's fine. xcookie
  9. Oshawott

    Sweden SWEDEN 2020 - The Mamas - Move

    I just want Sweden to withdraw. x0sx0s
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