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  1. Stiven

    Croatia CROATIA 2023 - Let 3 - Mama ŠČ!

    The LED background fro those who haven't seen it: M*ri* Z*kh*rov* and her aides are great dancers /j If anybody interested the main dancer goes by the name Jovanka Broz Titutka:
  2. Stiven

    JESC 2022

    Yes it was the dancer.
  3. Stiven

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2023 - not taking part

    Okay while the reasons are mainly financial I am sure they are not the only reason. Although as I previously mentioned the Contest is pretty unpopular in :mk: the music crowd was always relatively supportive, however as expected this did change this year because of the flag incident to give a...
  4. Stiven

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    I'm in shock at the moment literary the worst news to wake up to. No one deserves this, my thoughts and prayes are with the Ukrainian people right now. Although Macedonia is far away, If things escalate I like to say that my house and pms are open to anyone who needs it. :ua: Слава Україні :ua:
  5. Stiven

    R.I.P. Thread

    Alexandar Džambazov our only conductor at Eurovision (1998) , one of our most beloved musicians and the father of the our most famous showman Igor Džambazov passed away yesterday at the age 85.
  6. Stiven

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2022 - Andrea - Circles

    I don't know how to feel about this for those who don't know MRT run festivals have a horrible reputation here, and our Eurovision NFs are definitely a prime example apart from the already mentioned rigging, they were usually of poor quality overall: horrible stages, bad fashion, horrible hosts...
  7. Stiven

    JESC 2021

    Okay has this ever happened before at either ESC or JESC a cast of a show being the representatives? Anyway I'm satisfied with the decision since it is the most popular kid show in :mk: at the moment and they can sing, but I will wait until the song is released.
  8. Stiven

    EUROVISION 2021 - General Discussion Thread

    :mk: 35.6 ден or around 0.5€ although it might look cheap keep in mind our wages are about 20.000-30.000 ден (325.47-488.21€) so I was only able to vote three times (for :ua: in the semi-final, :ua: and :it: in the final).
  9. Stiven

    R.I.P. Thread

    Zafir Hadzimanov/Зафир Хаџиманов ( :yu: NF: 1967, 1970 and 1973) passed away few days ago from Covid-19 although relatively unknown in the ESC fandom he was one of our most famous singers and sang one of our most (and according to some the most) famous schlager songs "Kako Vardar/Како Вардар„...
  10. Stiven

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2021 - Vasil - Here I Stand

    Okay so after Vasil got support from SDP instead of gaining support he actually lost some because it just cemented the main reason why he got selected (political rather artistic) Slavi Trifunov (who is more infamous here than famous) reaction certainly won't help. Yeah we got another Martin...
  11. Stiven

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2021 - Vasil - Here I Stand

    For Macedonian artist its quite rare to have Bulgarian citizenship since our music industry is very connected to the ex-Yugoslav/Adria market so as a result they have no benefit from gaining it and as we seen from Vasil there are negative side effects. As far as I know Vasil is our only...
  12. Stiven

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2021 - Vasil - Here I Stand

    Okay as one of the few Macedonian members of this forum I'll try the explain the situation for the members of this forum: 1. Okay so Eurovision is actually pretty hated in :mk: like really hated (if you go on social media the comments are almost always negative) so a lot off people are against...
  13. Stiven

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2021 - Vasil - Here I Stand

    Yeah I don't think that they will change the entry (although I wish they did) plus it has been supported (although not openly) by the opposition IMRO party which is infamous for using bots and online trolls so the numbers are probably exaggerated. Whats surprising the interview where he...
  14. Stiven

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2021 - Vasil - Here I Stand

    Okay so I've been mostly ignoring our thread and all the news surrounding it this year due to the whole corrupt selection process (the only reason why he is our representative is due to his links to our ruling party) so I kept my expectations low. And oh boy I'm glad I did this sounds a lot like...
  15. Stiven

    What's your mum's favorite?

    My mum loved :pt: liked both :it: and :mk: (I guess 50+ year old women are our target audience this year). I haven't shown her the other entries yet.
  16. Stiven

    Poland POLAND 2021 - RAFAŁ - The Ride

    Okay sorry for for this useless question but does brzo means faster in Polish? Because in Macedonian his surname translates into Faster-er-son (Брзо-зо-вски). Which coincidentally would make his surname suitable for the song.
  17. Stiven

    Your Mum‘s favourite

    Well I showed my mum :is: and :bg: she liked them both she prefers :bg: , but she thinks :is: would have won it.
  18. Stiven

    Best and worst ESC entries of your home country

    :mk: Best: Kaliopi Crno i Belo/Црно и Бело I like Proud too but I prefer Crno i Belo. Worst: Martin Vucic Make My Day NF scandal aside this is just bad not entertainingly bad just bad. Esma i Lozano pred da se razdeni/пред да се раздени. Same as Make my day.
  19. Stiven

    Eurovision 2020 Online - The Jury

    Forum nickname: Stiven Country: N. Macedonia Alternatives: Serbia, Turkey Would you like to be a Head of Jury? No.
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