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  1. Mozz

    NSC 207 🤗 Uh, let's go to the beach-each🔥 Fettevika, Kimmystan 🏝🥵 FINAL RESULTS NOW

    Congrats Tamausia & Deltannor(y) Just in case some people start wondering about my votes in SEMI 1: I gave 7 points to Utopolis, not to Solentoya :) My correct votes in semi 1: 12 Ic-Sa-Calli 10 New Bander State 8 Uferbruht 7 Utopolis 6 Lacrea 5 Zechonia 4 Griffin Empire 3 Doire 2 Emsfrynt 1...
  2. Mozz

    NSC Chat Box

    :ee: is not in my top 8 or even top 10....
  3. Mozz

    NSC 202 in Aimūlli || Wordplay || Final Results (start around 19:00 CET!)

    Thank you for 2nd place xlove Unfortunately Insomnéa isn't able to host either.
  4. Mozz

    FSC #147 - May 2021: THE SHOW! [Kiruna, Sweden] | RESULTS from page 4

    I'm not sure that I agree with this approach, because the net result is that the 10 countries that would otherwise receive the points from the Canadian jury are now also punished while having no blame in this...
  5. Mozz

    FSC #132 - February 2020: The Show! [Zaanstad - The Netherlands] | RESULTS from page 3

    Ah! The show looks absolutely stunning and you've presented Zaanstad so beautifully, Malagant :love:. Thank you!xrose
  6. Mozz

    FSC #131 -January 2020: The Show! [Bucharest, Romania] | RESULTS from page 3

    O WOW, this is such a huge surprise, I'm a bit at a loss for words :o:o:o. To think that I didn't even want to send this song, because it seemed too loud and even a bit too aggressive for FSC....., which doesn't make sense anymore now. Another fact to consider is that this was such a strong...
  7. Mozz


    Please send your songs for the 83th edition of FSC (January 2016) to me. You may also post your entries in your private forums. The Deadline: Wednesday, December 30, 23:59 CET. ------ Songs are submitted (by HOJ) via your FSC Private Forum - or by a PM to me Keep in mind that the songs or...
  8. Mozz

    FSC #80 October - Results: 30th October 2015, 19 CET

    ::us Welcome to Anchorage, Alaska, United States ::us for the 80th edition of Forum Song Contest Anchorage (officially called the Municipality of Anchorage) is a unified home rule municipality in the U.S. State of Alaska. With an estimated 300,950 residents, it is Alaska's most populous...
  9. Mozz

    FSC #80 October 2015 - Draw Posted

    Please send your songs for the 80th edition of the FSC (October 2015) to me until the end of Monday, 29th September. The Deadline: Tuesday 29.09, 23:59 CET. ------ Songs are submitted (by HOJ) via your FSC Private Forum - or by a PM to me Keep in mind that the songs or artists are not...
  10. Mozz

    FSC #79 September - The Show - Result show: 30.09.2015, 20 CET (NOW!)

    Welcome to ::us Redlands, California, United States ::us where our 2 famous hosts, Tyra Banks and Caitlyn Jenner will guide you through the 79th edition of Forum Song Contest. Redlands is located about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, and about 50 miles west of Palm Springs. The city has...
  11. Mozz

    FSC Chat Box

    The vast majority of the non-DNV warnings so far were given because a jury didn't send an entry. Then there were a few irregular cases in which the mod team had to vote on the issue and chose to give a warning.
  12. Mozz

    FSC Chat Box

    The FSC mod team has recently decided and voted to overhaul the warnings system in FSC. There are a few major changes. - First and most importantly: the warnings will be divided in two types: a. DNV warnings = warning for not voting (or not on time) and b. general warnings = all other...
  13. Mozz

    FSC Chat Box

    The mandatory voting is really a part of the sanction. So if only one part of that sanction is fulfilled (the ban), then that's not enough. The count of sanctions will then still remain 1. Another edition will be given to that jury to fulfill the sanction. I.e. they will be given a ban +...
  14. Mozz

    FSC Chat Box

    There's a change in the FSC rules regarding warnings: So far what happens now to juries that have received their third warning is: they will be put in RoW. If there's no RoW, they will need to sign up again for FSC. The mods have discussed and voted on this. The rule will now change: If the...
  15. Mozz

    FSC Predictions Thread

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned ::fi so far ;)
  16. Mozz

    FSC Chat Box

    I think I now understand what you were doing. It's something that I sometimes do (too) and it gets me into situations exactly like these (of being misunderstood). You were trying to describe how certain events in reality lead to other events. This is not the same as trying to point a blaming...
  17. Mozz

    FSC Chat Box

    Ehm, no. I didn't read that in your post :confused:
  18. Mozz

    FSC Chat Box

    I wanted to react to Ashley yesterday but thought it might be better to do that when more reactions to the new rule came in. The rationale behind the "non-voting jury moves to the bottom but retains their points" is: the song retains the points received because that is what the song has...
  19. Mozz

    FSC Chat Box

    The FSC mod team recently discussed and voted on the issue of non-voting juries, including juries that vote after the deadline. The result of this discussion and voting is that there will be a new rule for these juries. Juries that fail to send their votes before the voting deadline will move...
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