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  1. DominikS


    Re: Cygo's Popularity Contest - I want posts and I want 'em NOW OKAYOKAY here's my post :D
  2. DominikS

    NSC Wiki

    Starogardia is STG - Starogardian - Starogardians - Starogardians Interesting page, and we'll be able to use proper demonyms now when writing!
  3. DominikS


    Re: Cydoni-Gibberia - 2 Song NF (Club!!!) Voted... Well, didn't I just prove you wrong? :lol:
  4. DominikS

    Funny pictures

    I wanted to make this thread because I keep on seeing funny images on the internet and I want to share them :mrgreen: So, here's the first batch:
  5. DominikS

    Starogardia | On Hiatus! Will be back:)

    Starogardia Full name: the Fully Democratic and definitely not Communist Quite Large City-State Republic of Starogardia Motto: 'by wisdom and courage, but if you can’t be bothered you don’t need to' Capital city: Starogardia Other towns: Kleszczewo Kościerskie, Osiek, Zblewo Official...
  6. DominikS

    FSC Players' Birthdays

    Happy birthday Nando! I hope you have a great day.
  7. DominikS

    What games do you play?

    I'm just interested... personally I play The Sims 2, Sim City 4 and the Civilization games, but I have many more! :mrgreen:
  8. DominikS

    FSC Players' Birthdays

    xbirthday xbirthday xbirthday xbirthday xbirthday Happy birthday!!
  9. DominikS

    Your associations for Poland

    Since there's a topic for Croatia and Slovenia, I was wondering about your associations for my home country, Poland! So, what are they? -pl -pl -pl ;) Be honest!!
  10. DominikS

    FSC Players' Birthdays

    Happy birthday!! xbirthday
  11. DominikS

    Rate the esc-song above you

    7/10 ;) Iceland 1994?
  12. DominikS

    Rate the esc-song above you

    2/10 I hate it so much... Poland 1997?
  13. DominikS

    Fave TV Series and shows

    That sounds like an old (well not old, just not new) Polish comedy where quite a poor family wins some competition and they win a luxury apartment in Warsaw and a few million zlotys. It was funny, so I watched it a lot! I forgot what it was called, but I think it was something like 'Milionerzy'
  14. DominikS

    What's your sign of the zodiac?

    Leo!!! I don't really care about astrology and horoscopes, so I don't even know what Leos are supposed to be like... but I always liked cats and Leo = Lion, so... yeah. :lol:
  15. DominikS

    Your home town

    My home town is Starogard Gda?ski, in northern Poland. It is approximately 50km away from the voivodeship capital Gdansk. The town has a population of just below 50,000, but before the 1950s it was just a few thousand. The town boomed when industry started here, and the town is still very...
  16. DominikS

    How do you feel?

    I feel the need to pee. *going after clicking submit*
  17. DominikS

    Host city! - DUESSELDORF

    Re: Host city! Hamburg!!! Because I love the city ;)
  18. DominikS

    Good morning / afternoon / evening / night

    Good evening - Dobry Wieczór
  19. DominikS

    Fave TV Series and shows

    Friends, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Family Guy, the Simpsons, and many more...
  20. DominikS

    What tune are ya listening to?

    -pl Piotr Rubik - Psalm Dla Ciebie
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