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  1. Greece GREECE 2023 - Victor Vernicos - What They Say

    Melissa sounds like basic white girl slutpop. Thank u next
  2. Estonia ESTONIA 2023

    Alika is a bore fest. Estonia, avoid at all cost
  3. Malta MALTA 2023

    Malta, cancel this dumb national final and send the masterpiece that "Broken hill" is 👀
  4. Israel ISRAEL 2023 - Noa Kirel - Unicorn

    What if "Unicorn " is a ballad 🤔
  5. Lithuania LITHUANIA 2023 Yeah that's not winning 🤣
  6. Belgium BELGIUM 2023 - Gustaph - Because of You

    It's kinda addictive. Especially the beat lmao. My guilty pleasure
  7. Estonia ESTONIA 2023

    Only bland thing here is your taste 😁
  8. Albania ALBANIA 2023 - Albina & Familja Kelmendi - Duje

    "Fallin’ I’m in heaven fallin’ I’m in heaven fallin’ Straight into your heart" Vibes🤣🤣
  9. Estonia ESTONIA 2023

    Unicorn vibes for the win 🦄
  10. Estonia ESTONIA 2022 - Stefan - Hope

    Yeah I am sure her life is beyond amazing and the secret to this is that she is a white girl . 😭
  11. Albania ALBANIA 2022 - Ronela Hajati - Sekret

    Upgrading to 10 cause of the dancers 😈
  12. Armenia ARMENIA 2022 - Rosa Linn - Snap

    Thanos favorite entry this year

    Our delegation saved money by not hiring good composers when writing the song and now we have money to spare on a good staging. 😂
  14. Italy ITALY 2022 - Mahmood and Blanco - Brividi

    Last night I had my first ever Eurovision dream that Poland and Italy were the last two countries still waiting to receive their televote points. In the end Italy won and Poland got second place.
  15. Germany GERMANY 2022 - Malik Harris - Rockstars

    They really changed their name lmao. [/MEDIA]
  16. EUROVISION 2022 - General Discussion Thread

    When are we supposed to see the running order for the semis?
  17. EUROVISION 2022 - General Discussion Thread

    Who else got Austria as their number 1 ?
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