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  1. dogmeat

    NSC 213 in New Acadia | Episode 5: A Champion is Crowned | View Results Here!

    omg a 12! That's all I needed, kthxtaabye
  2. dogmeat

    NSC 213 In New Acadia | Prepare for Battle! | Episode 3 Starts NOW.

    Hold on, I'm sure Effiland still has 5 more magikarps...
  3. dogmeat

    WV 165 | Send your entry!

    Last :sile: entry sent
  4. dogmeat

    Jury switching thread

    From WV 166 Current country/region: ::sile New country/region: :ru:
  5. dogmeat

    яʀ яedwood ʀepublic яʀ Rise up and let them feel our thorns

    Are you trying to get the "Gemany, I'm sorry" moment?
  6. dogmeat

    ✨WV 164 SEATTLE || SEMI FINAL II || DDL: 03 JAN 22:00 CET ✨

    Next time try voting without listening, as that's apparently acceptable around here.
  7. dogmeat

    NSC Statistics & Trivia

  8. dogmeat

    NSC 212 in Mormadorei 🦊 RESULTS ARE OUT

    I'm glad I wasn't horribly wrong this time! :D Very clear winner, congrats ::nac! And congrats to Begonia for reviving the old tradition of semi winner finishing 23rd! Just as year 2023 begins! xcookie I have no reasons to complain. Most of my points did pretty well, including my 12 winning...
  9. dogmeat

    Pots (NSC 213 update)

    I skipped 2 and 3, because pots with these numbers had strong identity in the past, and are still remembered, but don't match any of the pots that exist today.
  10. dogmeat

    NSC 212 in Mormadorei: Final 🦊 Voting CLOSED

    I'm in the "strong final with no big standouts" camp.
  11. dogmeat

    Pots (NSC 213 update)

    New pots for NSC 213-
  12. dogmeat

    NSC Statistics & Trivia

    Okay so there's quite a few editions to catch up on. ::ugl joins the 200 club. ::sic and ::cal hit 300 at the same time, with Silcek briefly overtaking Calypso on top. The biggest climb is done by ::rah
  13. dogmeat

    tsetnoC gnoS noitaN | Spinoff | The Show | Voting DDL 20.12.21 00:00 CET

    The results show will be posted soon before the deadline if everything goes as planned. A day or two earlier, if not. Definitely not more, I promise!
  14. dogmeat

    NSC 212 in Mormadorei 🦊 Semi-Final Results

    I did find a mistake after looking into it, but it's not big, and I don't want you to worry about it after those gorgeous shows you made.
  15. dogmeat

    NSC 212 in Mormadorei 🦊 Semi-Final Results

    Some nice qualifiers so far
  16. dogmeat

    NSC 212 in Mormadorei 🦊 Semi-Final Results

    congrats Zoidiac! xclap
  17. dogmeat

    NSC 212 in Mormadorei 🦊 Semi-Final Results

    I was fairly optimistic this time xup A bit more worried about my 12s though
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