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  1. Loindici

    Everything Wrong with Eurovision 2020

    Just a fun thread: since, you know, Eurovision 2020 is cancelled because of (that), what do you think is wrong, bizzare, weird, or inappropriate enough that the world decided to cancel Eurovision 2020? Plus: stay safe, you guys!
  2. Loindici

    Eurovision 2020 Aftermath

    Hi guys, this is a little thread. The big question is: With the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, what aspects of future Eurovision(s) will you guys think will be affected (either strongly or weakly) ?
  3. Loindici

    Composers Discussion Thread

    Not for specific reasons, just shitpost anything you want about Eurovision songwriters and producers. Maybe you want to talk about new composing talents. Maybe you want to talk about returning composers like Symphonix, Darko Dimitrov and Friends, or Laurell Barker. Just put anything about them...
  4. Loindici

    Unnecessary and Unsignificant Datas about 2010-2019 Eurovision Selection

    Let's start by: How was the winning entrants selected? To clarify some things, 'Publicly' are the ones chosen From a national selection, while 'Internally' are the ones chosen by a specific jury set or behind closed doors. 1. How was the Eurovision winning performer selected? Publicly: 10, 11...
  5. Loindici

    Pre-Official Theme and Logo Discussion

    Before the theme and logo for the 2020 contest is officially announced, let's discuss what kind of theme, cheesy slogan, or logo that The Netherlands could possibly use.
  6. Loindici

    Stage Design

    It probably isn't the most important agenda yet, but stage design plays an important role in enhancing the performer's ideas into live action. What do you wish for 2020's stage design? Or who would you like to design the stage for the Netherlands? xyaaay
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