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  1. LakZaNokte

    New ESC era?

    imo, this year the shift is more obvious than ever; - we are done with the gimmicks. first 4 slots in odds are filled with 1-(wo)man-staging (ok, in netherland's case 2 :mrgreen:). all of them just standing and singing. true, hamster wheel made it :mrgreen:. no crazy choreographies, costumes...
  2. LakZaNokte

    Favourite city names

    the title says it all :mrgreen: anyways, it's supposed to be about city names all over the world, regardless if u actually visited those cities xbow u can go with the name in english or in your native language (often there are big differences there) my favs xheart: vilnius odessa damascus...
  3. LakZaNokte

    NSC 100 IN ILLUMIA ° SEMIFINAL 2 DDL: 21/08/13 23:59 CET

    Ladies, gentlemen and gays, please welcome the host of NSC 100 semifinals; one and only - Luk!!! - Welcome to Antilia the capital of Illumia! *applause* WOW! What an audience! You're A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Thank you! It is an honour to be selected as the host of 100th NSC, but the greatest honour of...
  4. LakZaNokte

    Originality & ESC

    A discussion on another thread made me think about originality on esc. I must admit, in esc recent history (so, we are not discussing only this year!), too often I get a feeling "this reminds me of something", "where did I hear something like that?" etc And that doesn't even cover the ballads...
  5. LakZaNokte

    How will your country vote?

    so, what do you think, how will your country vote? for ::hr - let's face it, it is very likely that ::ba::sl::rs::mk will get points. yeah, yeah, we know... :D - I believe ::tr will get points as well (just a wild guess cause turkish soap-operas are very popular here xrofl2 + song is good etc)...
  6. LakZaNokte

    Best Croatian Entry

    This year Dora is celebrating 20th anniversary. Croatia has participated in every ESC since our debut 1993. So, pick your all time favourite croatian entry p.s. This years' entry won't be in the poll cause it has been announced that we will also choose our favourite Dora on this years' event...
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