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  1. AdelAdel

    Forum color theme

    The default color theme of the forum is red, but you can change it to blue or green at the bottom of the page. My question is - how to make it, so that the forum will remember your settings? Each time I change to blue, and then log out, the next time I come back it's red again.
  2. AdelAdel


    Country name: Republic of Arana Capital: Nenaville Population: 21,873,511 Official Language: Arana Ethnic groups: 57% Asian, 43% White Caucasian
  3. AdelAdel

    Armenia and Azerbaijan should be kicked out

    Both of these countries are behaving like 5-year olds all the time. They hate each other for crap reasons and spread their hate everywhere possible. Let's look at the ESC stats: Armenia placed 25th by Azeri juries and televoters. Azerbaijan placed 25th by Armenian juries and televoters. Either...
  4. AdelAdel

    WV Spin-Off #26 - Animal - The Show - results from page 5

    VENUE Stade de France HOST Joyce Jonathan Send your votes to me (AdelAdel), using the standard ESC system Deadline: 23rd April, 20:00 CET xcheer Good luck! xcheer
  5. AdelAdel

    WV Spin-Off #26 - Animal - send your entries! Deadline: 16th April, 20 CET

    Send your entries to me. Country/Region Artist Song Video Link Remember that the title must include an animal. Birds are also allowed. Deadline: 16th April, 20 CET
  6. AdelAdel

    WV Spin-Off 16 - 60-99 2 - Results Show - from page 4

    VENUE Tokyo Dome HOST Ryuichi Sakamoto famous Japanese composer Send your votes to me (AdelAdel), using the standard ESC system Deadline: 28th September, 23:59 CET xcheer Good luck! xcheer
  7. AdelAdel

    WV Spin-off #16: '60-'99 #2 - Confirmation thread [IMPORTANT NEWS PAGE #5]

    Explanation of the theme: Songs released from 1960 to 1999. Send your entries to AdelAdel. Reserved: Sweden: Stargazer (c) UK: EmperorG (c) Cyprus: CypriotGirl (c) Norway: Gera11 (c) Italy: AdelAdel (c) Germany: Celia (c) Greece: Nicholas123 (c) Texas: Cinderella (c) California...
  8. AdelAdel

    Who is satisfied with the semis' results this year?

    Seeing all the hate and bashing literally everywhere on this forum, I wonder if I'll be able to find at least 10 people who are more or less satisfied with the qualifiers. Anyone who is happy about at least most of the qualifiers is welcome to post here and express their satisfaction. And...
  9. AdelAdel

    WLSC Congratulations 2 in Adelland - Results Show - from page 8

    Welcome to the 2nd edition of Congratulations hosted by Adelland! 18 nations which have been active participants in the previous 20 editions have come to Adelland to present their great songs once again! The final will be broadcast by the public broadcaster, Adel TV, and hosted by the one and...
  10. AdelAdel

    WLSC Congratulations 2 - Confirmation Thread - DEADLINE PASSED

    Waiting List Song Contest Congratulations 2 in Adelland RULES 1. Any nation who took part in at least one WLSC edition between editions 21 and 40 is allowed to take part 2. The entry must be one of the songs you sent to the above-mentioned editions 3. Songs which took part in NSC are not...
  11. AdelAdel

    Thread meant for deletion...

    This thread was created too hastily, and serves no purpose right now. I'd like to ask a mod to delete it.
  12. AdelAdel

    WLSC 29 in Adelland & Lithia - Results Show "The Snowy Results"

    Show done by the Lithian officials xcheer xcheer Denmark of Peace won WLSC 28 with "Moi... Lolita" by Alizée. xcheer And here's the simple list of entries (in order of appearance): 1. OUSSOULAND - Red Ink - Euphoria 2. SR INDIRIA - Iyeoka - Simply Falling 3. UNITED...
  13. AdelAdel

    Ignore list upgrade

    The problem is that even though posts of a member, who is on the ignore list, are hidden, if someone else quotes that member's posts, they are visible anyway. Could a mod upgrade the ignore list, so that posts quoted by other people are hidden also?
  14. AdelAdel

    Unable to upload images properly

    So lately, I'm unable to upload image files - they always appear as this small colored box, like there was a file missing. I tried with many pictures, and the result is always the same. I also tried with different browsers, and different PCs, and it's all the same. PS. Do you see properly the...
  15. AdelAdel

    Password has expired

    I just got forced to change my password by receiving info that my previous one has expired. What is all this? :?
  16. AdelAdel

    Video in post instead of YT link

    How to do that? When I copy the YT link to the post, it shows the link only, but I saw many people do it in a way, in which the video is shown in the post, not just the link.
  17. AdelAdel

    Adelland - withdrawal

    History of entries NATION SONG CONTEST Edition Arist(s) Song title Nationality of the artist(s) Semi position Qualified? Final position 98 Juli Elektrisches Gefühl ::de 12/26 No - 99 The Hoosiers Cops And Robbers ::en 11/24 No - 100 The All-American Rejects...
  18. AdelAdel

    Changing the title & 1st post on top

    1 - How can I change the title of a thread I made? 2 - How to make the first post of my thread always on top of the page?
  19. AdelAdel

    Winners, which in your opinion, deserved to win

    Which winners really deserved to win, in your opinion? From all years (1956-2012). Also, you can write winners, which weren't your favorites, but you're totally okay with them winning. Like this Winners, which in my opinion, were the best of all songs in the specific contest, and deserved to...
  20. AdelAdel

    Why did ESC change so much?

    1 - In the past, you had to wear a formal suit to attend the contest, now you can wear whatever you want. 2 - In the past, it was rude to boo and to shout loudly at every point given - usually, it was silent during the points giveaway, now you can shout whenever you like. 3 - In the past, the...
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