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    Re: Denmark WV 64 : no decision yet :) Well at least, I think I need a break for one edition. I have a lot of private things to do (exams, papers,..). Let see how the time schedule for next edition is. The DDL for the current edition is long. My playlist for ::dk is big xdance

    Re: Denmark WV 64 : no decision yet I have not withdraw yet. I'm still not sure if I want to take part in WV. Maybe I'll take a break.... #stillthinkaboutit :D

    Re: Denmark WV 62 : New Juror ::dk ::dk ::dk New Juror ::dk ::dk ::dk I'm finally back in Scandinavia and I got the access of this thread :D tusen takk. I wasn't happy with ::ee (3 editions) and ::at (4 editions)... Now I'm in ::dk and I have a lot of songs, I'd like to send...

    Re: Denmark --- WV 61 --- Huldre - "Skærsild" ::dk ::dk ::dk Denmark has a new juror xwave ::dk ::dk ::dk EurovisionSmile thank you for your danish entries and good luck with ::nrwe (show the world that ::nrwe has more listenable music than Cascada^^) My 1st Danish entry is one of my all-time...
  5. Austria || WV160 - Entry Sent!

    ::at ::at ::at WV 60: AUSTRIA IS BACK xheya ::at ::at ::at WV59 is still going on, but I already choose the artist for the next edition. And Austrias next artist for WV is....
  6. Austria || WV160 - Entry Sent!

    ::at::at::at WV58: Seiler & Speer (FAILED) / WV59: possible withdraw ::at::at::at What a SHAME!!! One of the better entries in Semi 3 failed. "Ham kummst" was an awesome earworm xheya but it was very underrated :( and it seems that people dislike songs in austrian dialect. So I won't send a...
  7. Austria || WV160 - Entry Sent!

    Re: Austria [ 44 ] Urban Ego - Freezin' Oh :D I should go sleep now. SORRY I'm very confused the last few days. A bit nervous about my exams ^^
  8. Austria || WV160 - Entry Sent!

    Re: Austria [ 44 ] Urban Ego - Freezin' Trece xpray you are my last hope. I thought every WV Mod can do this, but it seems that Trece is the master of everything :D
  9. Austria || WV160 - Entry Sent!

    Re: Austria [ 44 ] Urban Ego - Freezin' xwait soon, this will be my thread......SOOOOOOON! xwait
  10. Scotland

    Re: SCOTLAND ♛ WV33 ♛ WE FRICKIN' WON!!! Congratulation on your victory lovely Gera xheya xrunhug Althoug I prefer your previous entry (12 points from me), you really deserved to win :-)
  11. Finland

    Re: Finland ~ WV22 ~ Nightwish - Turn Loose The Mermaids Winner of WV 22 :-) I love this song xheart
  12. Iran

    Re: Iran ایران !! We are back and ready to bounceeeee! :) Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelcoooooooome back my favourite Iranian-Person :D xbouncexbouncexbouncexbouncexbouncexbouncexbounce

    Re: Denmark | Special event for XX WorldVision post #33 Your entry was very underrated. Good luck next time xcheer I have a lot of suggestions for ::dk. For example Carpark North or Lukas Graham, very good artists. Hope you'll send Carpark Nort one day :D (one of my favourite bands) xcheers
  14. Lebanon

    Re: Lebanon - WV20: Lazzy Lung - Rains in October "Crying in Aragon" xsing "Aragons Teardrops" xsing "Cryining out in Aragon" xsing
  15. Istanbul

    Re: ISTANBUL 19 - GÜLÇİN Did I missed something??? First I noticed, that Trece is not here anymore and now I notice that Impressive is neither online here. Where is Impressive??? xcry xcry

    Re: Denmark | Breaking post #29 Why do you have the landscape of ::no :D ??? xrofl2 Denmark has definitely no Mountains xcrazy. But I know that Denmark is a beautiful country, even without Mountains :-) This is more typical for Denmark :-)...

    Hampenberg? Tonight you can be....Glooooorious ;-) xpray xpray xpray
  18. Áfram Ísland

    Re: Iceland | WV15 | Árstíðir - Shades It was my ::12 Pointer :( Only people who have no problems with me are withdrawing *conspiracy theories*
  19. Scotland

    Re: ☆ Scotland ☆ WV 15 | Emeli Sandé - Heaven | SF2 #19 Emeli Sande and "Heaven" is a good motivation song, then I do Sports in the Gym :-) She's on my Gym-Playlist since a longer time :D Good luck. I also want to send Emeli Sandé in WLSC but I think, it would look stupid, because she's...
  20. 158 | Marmara | TARKAN

    Re: Marmara (Turkey) | WV15 - Pause, WV16 NF, song choosen I didn't vote in your NF xshock (Sooooooooorrryyy)
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