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  1. Israel ISRAEL 2021 - Eden Alene - Set Me Free

    You just need to look at the K-pop industry to see how brutal it can be. K-pop artists are slapped with extremely draconian contracts by their labels. It's quite similar in Japan too. Many years ago a member of the mega group AKB48 dated someone and her bosses forced her to shave her head and...
  2. Israel ISRAEL 2021 - Eden Alene - Set Me Free

    I heard recently that Eden has apparently stepped away from music. According to a recent post on Facebook, she recently started working as a waitress in a restaurant. She's also made her Instagram account private. Just shows how brutal the music business can be. They promise you more success...
  3. Kazakhstan KAZAKHSTAN 2023

    Interesting article today from SBS. The article is about the UK hosting but one line in the article says "Performers from across Europe and Central Asia as well as Israel and Australia". Slight hint being dropped here.
  4. Ireland IRELAND 2023

    I wouldn't mind seeing RTE team up with the Greek maestros Dimitris Kontopoulous, Ilias Kostas, Alex Panayi and the staging guru that is Fokas Evangelinos. They have worked wonders before and I actually think Ireland would suit their style.
  5. North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2023

    Seeing as North Macedonia are participating in JESC, it does appear that the talk of their withdrawal is pie in the sky.
  6. Where will it be hosted?

    A warehouse near Lviv was hit by Russian airstrikes. Even that area of Ukraine isn't safe.
  7. How many countries will join?

    I'm thinking 38 since it's very likely that Romania and North Macedonia will withdraw.
  8. EUROVISION 2023 - General Discussion thread

    I'd like to think this year was just a one off. If this happens again, then more people, and broadcasters will stop taking the contest seriously and believe that no other country has a chance of winning for the foreseeable future.

    So according to this leak. ALMOST EVERY country who voted tonight gave Ukraine 12 points? If this is true then Saturday's result is going to be a complete farce.
  10. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    Do the EBU maybe fear that UAPBC are trying to milk the sympathy vote as much as possible? I thought a representative of UAPBC said that the best result they want is second. If this is the case, then this contradicts what they have said before. Sort of reminds me of how WWE exploited Eddie...
  11. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    I think it's because it's getting closer to the contest so there are more bets being placed. Plus more people are posting openly on social media making their intentions clear about voting Ukraine as a show of support.
  12. Israel ISRAEL 2022 - Michael Ben David - I.M.

    Surely they should use his live on tape if he can't travel due to travel restrictions
  13. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    Some countries like the UK have no real cultural elements in their music at all. Yet the UK is one of the leaders in global music. But it always seems to me like the fandom only seems to like "ethnic" songs. It seems to particularly hate Scandipop, which was actually the very thing that drew me...
  14. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    I think juries will be in a very difficult position in May. This isn't a typical jury friendly song and in normal circumstances, this could have been a similar situation to Conan Osiris, except it might have qualified. Juries will either feel compelled to mark it down out of fear of being...
  15. Eurovision 2022 Potential winners

    If Ukraine does not win, bookies should me made to give any profit from bets made to humanitarian efforts. Should not be allowed to exploit the war for selfish gain.
  16. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    It's almost like the BBC are subliminally telling people to vote Ukraine because of politics. They are planting it in people's minds.
  17. Eurovision 2022 Potential winners

    I can't see anyone other than Ukraine winning at the moment. I think closer to the time, people on TV, especially on shows like Good Morning Britain will probably be openly appealing for people to ignore the songs and vote Ukraine out of solidarity. Various charity groups will also be...
  18. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    Roxolana was my favourite from Vidbir. I just felt turned off from Kalush after their behaviour following the Vidbir result.
  19. Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    The Vidbir performance can easily be viewed on YouTube so it'll be nothing we haven't seen before. This might impact their chances, even in the televote to some extent.
  20. United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2022 - Sam Ryder - Space Man

    There was an idiot Tory MP on GB News badmouthing Eurovision, and saying that he hopes Ukraine wins because it will be an obviously political win that will make the contest look bad. He also spouted the usual "waste of taxpayers money" , "We are the most hated country in Europe" BS we normally hear.
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