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  1. Lithuania LITHUANIA 2021 - The Roop - Discoteque

    The Roop confirmed that they will participate "Pabandom is naujo 2021"
  2. Lithuania LITHUANIA 2021 - The Roop - Discoteque

    Good thing that we will have national selection again. I think we had one of the best (if not he best) national final this year Bad thing: high chances that The Roop won`t participate next year. I think we need some corrections next year: Reduce participant number from 36 to 24 Use 3 Heat and...
  3. Lithuania LITHUANIA 2020 - The Roop - On Fire

    Vaidotas said on yesterday Lithuanian Radio show, that they will create a 3 songs to next year contests. But first of all we are waiting official decision by our national broadcaster until April 1
  4. Eurovision 2020 Online - The Jury

    Forum nickname: vaidas8 Country: Lithuania Alternatives: Latvia, Norway Would you like to be a Head of Jury? no
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