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  1. Himan

    Live WLSC 209 | Coconut Island, Banan | RESULTS: 20:00CET!

    Confirmed: Moisantia Utopolis Solentoya Pyreica Tamausia & Deltannor Oussou Empire Bigicia Kimmystan Effiland Roseland Öösingimaed Endórë Banan Il-Bidu ?Griffin Empire?
  2. Himan

    Himan's Bhutanese B-bops | OM06: We will send a poet | འབྲུག་རྒྱལ་ཁབ

    འབྲུག་ཡུལ་ Hi, Here will show up the Bhutanese Bops. Of course the Liechtenstein of Asia is the big favorite of this competition every single time. I can only imagine all the 12 points this country will get. This is a place for your mantras, for Himalayan culture and music slowly evolving to...
  3. Himan

    WV Spin-Off #103 - Tallinn ★ Random European Countries Draw ★ RESULTS SHOW 13th February 21:30 CET

    VOTES TO HIMAN before 11th of February 23:59 CET SaladBreak ::nl as78 ::ro Hele. ::de Himan ::bg Amir ::pt Mrvn ::mc CypriotGirl ::tr Stargazer ::cz AshleyWright ::hr...
  4. Himan

    WV Spin-Off #103 - Tallinn ★ Random European Countries Draw ★ 2 Deadlines: Joining 31st January 20.00CET(fluid), Entry sending 2nd of Feb. 23.59(NOT F

    A very walm welcome in Tallinn, capital of Estonia for Spin-off #103. In a week many countries and people will join the stage here in the Saku Suurhall for some big randomized spinning stuff! Tonight want you to know the schedule of this crazy madness. Also we want to let you know what nations...
  5. Himan

    WLSC 157 | Banan City, Banan | Results 17th August 20:00 CET

    Denisaa AshleyWright Serena SeguinWay Chickflopia Salmon Ausesken 2133 Maggio Anthonywinter IceyTheAce Steffan Gera11 Kimrt SaladBreak...
  6. Himan

    Forum does weird

    I think the forum does weird, don't you think?:rolleyes: (only way to do something...)
  7. Himan

    Banan | | WLSC 201

    INFO Country name: Republic of Banan Head of State: Felonious Gru Languages: Bababananana, Svenska, Dansk, Nederlands, English Population: 1618033 Extra Spin-Off Smells like teen Spirit Nirvana :us: 4/15 Extra AATW Гаухартас Казагым-ай :kz: 8/16
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