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  1. daniels1000

    WV 156 | Send your entry!

    ::bava is back with emotional rave xcheer
  2. daniels1000

    WV 155 | Send your entry!

    Fuuuck, I really thought the deadline was tomorrow :( Caught COVID and was basically sleeping the whole day, otherwise I might have noticed :/
  3. daniels1000

    🐻 WV 154 MADRID | SEMI FINAL 1 | Results: 26.03., 13:00 CET

    Thanks everyone who voted for ::bava xheart Not gonna lie it's disheartening not to qualify with what I think is one of the most exquisite songs I have sent to WV :( Also, a 12 from @Ana Raquel is this real? xcry ::bava points: ::10 ::dk ::8 ::lv ::1 ::seou
  4. daniels1000

    WV 154 | Send your entry!

    ::bava is going full-on Saor this edition. Brace yourselves.
  5. daniels1000


    Congrats Amir :D Thank you everyone who voted for Bavaria xheart Didn't expect much more than the bottom of the table, but I'm really glad some of you loved this dreampop gem that became a special song for me during last months. ::12 ::uk Bremen xlove ::7 ::fr ::us ::5 ::sudo ::dk ::4 ::be...
  6. daniels1000

    Jury switching thread

    From WV153: Current WorldVision country/region: :nwen: North West England New WorldVision country/region: Bavaria
  7. daniels1000

    ☀️ WV 152 BARCELONA | GRAND FINAL | Mrs. Dana has crowned a winner

    Congrats Uto! xbow Unfortunately, another (close) NQ this edition for ::nwen but thanks a lot to everyone who supported our atmosheric synthwave entry in the semifinal, especially ::uk ::nwit ::de for high points xheart Let's hope I'll have more luck with my next region :sneaky: Thanks for...
  8. daniels1000

    WV 150 | Send Your Entry!

    :nwen: is in with 80s inspired dreamwave xheat
  9. daniels1000


    Congrats ::kant! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for ::nwen xrose Really happy to finish 6th with this very special song by Aquilo xheart ::12 ::pl ::cy ::uk ::sudo ::susa ::nwit So many 12s xfaint ::10 ::fr ::7 ::sobr ::ceca ::6 ::texs ::5 ::svea ::dk ::br ::iq ::4 ::lond ::no ::2...
  10. daniels1000

    Trollheimr | NSC 203 | Luboš Fišer - And The Last

    OMG Anna sending Nyctalgia xheart
  11. daniels1000


    Can ::nwen please be drawn into SF2? xpray
  12. daniels1000

    Jury switching thread

    From WV148: Current WorldVision country/region: ::sc Scotland New WorldVision country/region: ::nwen North West England
  13. daniels1000

    Euro 2020

    So it seems that the Group F was the weakest one in the end xpopcorn
  14. daniels1000

    Euro 2020

    And the equalizer is scored by a player with Croatian roots playing in Croatian league, from a team coached by a half-Croatian :mrgreen: Croatians love the drama, what can you do Go Switzerland xcheer
  15. daniels1000

    Jury switching thread

    Change of plans :eek: From WV142: Current WorldVision country/region: ::oslo Oslo New WorldVision country/region: ::sc Scotland (i.e. I will stay in Oslo for WV141, and not switch to Berlin)
  16. daniels1000

    Post Eurovision Discussion

    Scream if you need help, Natalia Natalia:
  17. daniels1000

    Jury switching thread

    Region hopping Pt. II - from WV141: Current WorldVision country/region: ::oslo Oslo New WorldVision country/region: ::berl Berlin
  18. daniels1000

    WV 140 ◆ SEMI 2 ◆ Results in!

    Aw I didn't expect to finish as low as Bottom 5 with this song :( But could've seen it coming with the bad draw I've got. Thanks for the votes though xheart ::10 ::ostl ::7 ::au ::6 ::lv ::2 ::ceca ::1 ::svea
  19. daniels1000

    🌴 🥥 WV KAUAI 139 🌺 🍃 GRAND FINAL | RESULTS pg 3

    *Late post* Congrats dear Flo on the surprising win xfaint xheart Also happy to see ::brit in Top 5 and Nicholas getting his best result ever and :mrgreen: :pl: was super underrated though :( Thank you very much for all the points for ::oslo xlove :12: :hu: :uk: ::vstl :10: :kant: :neus...
  20. daniels1000

    🌴 🥥 WV KAUAI 139 🌺 🍃 SEMI FINAL 2 | DEADLINE: 22nd April | Results 21:30 CET

    Thank you so much for your votes for ::oslo xheart and congrats to the other qualifiers! ::12 ::vstl xcry ::8 ::sc :( ::4 ::en ::2 ::berl
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