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  1. Ringdalen

    All Time Løw (Debut Singel)

    Heyyyy guys. :D So my band All Time Løw is releasing our first studio song on Sunday after playing lots of shows together. xfaint Many of you have asked for me to release some music and now is the perfect time. So it would mean the world to get some feedback when it comes out. xlove Love you...
  2. Ringdalen

    Youtube videos

    I thought it could be fun to have a thread where we could post videos from youtube that we think others would like to watch. It can be funny, serious, educational, music, short films or whatever you find that you would like to share :D Promoting own videos are fine too :) Ill start with one of...
  3. Ringdalen

    Five Finger Death Punch - Got your Six

    This album made my friend and I cancel all our plans for the day, so we could listen to this album together. We weren’t even able to get to the Iron Maiden album because this needed to go on a constant repeat. I am probably going to struggle with hearing anything tomorrow, but screw it. This is...
  4. Ringdalen

    WWE Discussion thread

    I am looking to test out if a discussion thread about WWE could work, and since its 2 events this weekend is it a perfect time. Here we can discuss everything leading up to these two shows and live chat during them. (I wont be here during Summerslam, since i am watching it with 5 other friends...
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