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  1. Daybreak

    Describe a song in one sentence

    Basically, a game where a poster names a song, and the next one "reviews" it in a sentence (it can either be a long or a really short one, your choice) and names the next song. So for example, if you mention Slovenia 2014 I could say "One of my few faves that year, interesting song, sucks that...
  2. Daybreak

    Motorsports (Rally, F1, Formula E, NASCAR...)

    I looked around and didn't see basically any racing-related thread, and while that implies there aren't many people on this forum following any of those series we still should have a thread covering them (I'm currently lumping all the very different types here together for convenience). I...
  3. Daybreak

    Classic Elimination Game - ESC 2009

    I'm jumping on board and posting one of these as well. 2009 seems to be a pretty notable year, with lots of fan favorites and variety, so go ahead! The rules: Save one country per post. The last country that is unsaved is eliminated. The limit: You can vote once in a day (00:00 - 23:59 GMT)...
  4. Daybreak

    Potential changes in Eurovision and their plausibility

    So every year there are conversations about which things in Eurovision song requirements or the organization of the contest should change and how (language rules, whether there should be LED screens or not, how many performers should be allowed on stage etc.) and I thought we could have a thread...
  5. Daybreak

    Voting and the jury role in it

    Discuss here the voting and in what format should it be, and the detailed results when they're revealed. 100% televoting, some combination of televoting and juries, whether it's fair or not and so on.
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