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  1. Milos-BC

    Finland - thank you for the music

    Thank you Gary xrunhug No worries, ::fi will vote for the last time, it would be disrespectful if I didn't do so. And then sadly, we will part ways. At this point, I think this is the best decision for both me and the contest itself, and in the future who knows........we will see, anything is...
  2. Milos-BC

    Finland - thank you for the music

    After many years of amazing fun I've had in WV, the time has come to say goodbye. Unfortunately, ::fi doesn't have anything more to offer and I noticed that my inspiration disappeared as well. I had an amazing time in ::fi but now is the right time to end this chapter and move on. Thank you...
  3. Milos-BC

    Finland - thank you for the music

    :fi: :fi: :fi: WV 158: Apocalyptica - Bolero :fi: :fi: :fi:
  4. Milos-BC

    WLSC 242 in Fierraria🍹 Party in San Fierro 🍹RESULTS OUT

    Congratulations Uto, the best song won xcheers :D I really love it when my 12 pointer wins and this time it was certainly well deserved. Thank you everyone who voted for Belvist.....I thought I was in for a disaster, but in the end I got a very decent result and I am certainly satisfied with...
  5. Milos-BC

    Belvist - NSC 206: Amaranthe - Archangel

    After Konstrakta's phenomenal success on the last NSC, Belvist decided to go for a heavier entry this time around as well. A band that is well-known to the NSC community will get the chance to perform on this iconic contest once more. Have fun and enjoy "Archangel" xcheer
  6. Milos-BC


    Welcome to the main roster and best of luck! xcheers xcheer
  7. Milos-BC

    Effiland | The only constant thing is change

    Welcome back to the main roster! I'm sure you will have amazing contributions to the contest once more xcheer
  8. Milos-BC

    Reym-L-Dneurb | No more gradients!

    Welcome back to the main roster! RLD was heavily missed in the contest and I am glad to see you back :D
  9. Milos-BC

    WLSC 241 - Results on page 3 | Your Kettle's Symphony | Last Homely House, Endórë

    Congratulations Endore, a well-deserved victory! I found every song that got points from me at the end outstanding, and in a weaker edition, it would've gotten way more. I was hoping for the left side of the scoreboard, but to be honest, I am not surprised I didn't end up there given how strong...
  10. Milos-BC

    WLSC 241 - Results on page 3 | Your Kettle's Symphony | Last Homely House, Endórë

    One of the strongest WLSC editions in my opinion, I find it nearly impossible to rank the songs :lol: But Belvistian votes are coming soon.
  11. Milos-BC

    Finland - thank you for the music

    :fi: :fi: :fi: WV 157: Sunrise Avenue - Hollywood Hills :fi: :fi: :fi:
  12. Milos-BC

    Rumia - #15 NF RESLUTS

    I got a mini heart attack seeing this title. Anyway, Belvist will vote soon.
  13. Milos-BC

    Grand Final of the 205th Nation Song Contest

    Congratulations to Svobodnia on a convincing victory! xclap And thanks to everyone who voted for Konstrakta. Thanks to her amazing Triptih, this is a year that she will remember. After becoming an icon in :rs: , she is now certainly an icon in Belvist as well after her first place in the...
  14. Milos-BC

    NSC Eurovision Special 2022 in Sakuralia: The Show (Results Inside)

    What can I say, I am really glad that you loved this song as much as you really feels awesome to get a result like this with the song that you adore and also a song that represented your country in this year's ESC. Thank you so much everyone who voted for Belvist xheart Thank you...
  15. Milos-BC

    WLSC 241 - Results on page 3 | Your Kettle's Symphony | Last Homely House, Endórë

    Belvist will definitely be returning, the song is yet to be decided!
  16. Milos-BC

    NSC Chat Box

    Now that was a blast from the past! Nice to see you here and I hope this means that Instir is coming back as well. I sure have fond memories of your NSC entries and indeed.......all those MSN convos that you've mentioned :D Belvist was absent from NSC for a while (for private reasons), but I...
  17. Milos-BC

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2022 - Sam Ryder - Space Man

    Delighted with this result, Sam was out of this world. I hope this result will make BBC realize how ridiculous some of their excuses were in the past. As soon as they stepped up once, the outcome is radically different. Enjoy your success, very well deserved.
  18. Milos-BC

    Spain SPAIN 2022 - Chanel - SloMo

    One word - robbed! You can be proud of what Chanel did nonetheless, it's really too bad that this performance wasn't enough this year because of reasons that go beyond music. She really nailed it. Both ::uk and ::es were top-notch in their respective genres. Glad to see ::es in the top after a...
  19. Milos-BC

    Serbia SERBIA 2022 - Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano

    Thanks to everyone who voted for Konstrakta and who supported ::rs this year, you are all legends xheart As a Serb, my heart is full and I am super proud of what she managed to achieve. This 5th place for me shines brighter than even Željko's successes. In the circumstances that surrounded...
  20. Milos-BC

    Serbia SERBIA 2022 - Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano

    @Zeus @mauve Thank you for your support xheart
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