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  1. VirginiaVision

    Guess the Entry by the Comment

    Let's fight post-Eurovision depression with a game I'm calling "Guess the Entry by the Comment" (very creative name, I know)! Every year since 2018, I've documented my thoughts on that year's entries at various points throughout the Eurovision season. I've gone through my notes and grabbed a...
  2. VirginiaVision

    Who will open the show?

    I know we've got a thread going for predicting the running order, but I want to talk specifically of who's performing first. Here's what I think: TL;DR: :uk: The producers are gonna want to start the show off with a bang; something that says "Eurovision is back!". I think Embers is the...
  3. VirginiaVision

    CONFIRMED: Belarus' Jury Votes Were Incorrect

    The EBU has confirmed that Belarus' jury votes were incorrect, as many have speculated. The official results have changed, and the end positions of some countries have changed: ::mk now 7th, previously...
  4. VirginiaVision

    OGAE Second Chance Nominees

    Eurovision season isn't over yet! What acts do you think will be nominated for the OGAE Second Chance Contest? (Think, not want) I'll start: ::al Më e fortë (5th), Dua ta besoj (10th) ::au 2000 and Whatever (2nd) ::by Humanize (4th) ::hr Tower of Babylon (2nd), Brutalero (3rd) ::cz True Colors...
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